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Sword generating Adrenaline by default

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  • Sword generating Adrenaline by default

    Is there someway to make it so we generate "by default" adrenaline with a sword that haves (example) +2 adrenaline on hit on it as special bonus? without needing the talent from sword tree ->combat acumen?

    Like somehow adding/changing a string in the some .ws .xml file?

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    Didn't know there was adrenaline in W2


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      I think it would be possible, don't quite know which specific file you would need to edit for this. Maybe someone else on the forum will know specifically which one you need to edit. But i think it would be possible to "give" the player this talent by default even without acquiring the perk by speccing into the swordsmanship tree for talents. I don't know how to do this without giving the player this talent. It might be possible to duplicating the string this talent uses and allowing the player to get the benefit without getting the actual talent as well.