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Triss... Saskia... (Spoiler!)

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  • Triss... Saskia... (Spoiler!)

    I am currently doing the quest 'Where is Triss?' and have already sneaked through Henselt's camp.
    There is a possibility to free Saskia from her curse as far as I have read... but is it true I should have had to decide between looking for Triss and saving Saskia?
    When I was in Vergen I thought that going through the fog was the only left possibility to go on with the story.

    Do I have to load an older savegame to save Saskia from the curse? Can somebody please explain to me what has to be done?

    I have played through TW2 twice times by now so I wouldn't mind reading through spoiler tags. ;-)

    Thanks in advance.

  • #2
    Basically, yes, it is either
    you choose to go save Triss or Saskia at a particular point
    . The endgame will differ and the world-state will differ as well. The same thing is on Roche's path with
    either saving Triss or Anais


    • #3
      Thanks for the comparison.

      The decision between
      Triss and Anais
      was rather clear.
      From what I have read while browing I got the impression that I have to decide this before
      going into the fog to Henselt's camp.

      Do I understand you right that the decision will follow at a later point and decided before
      going after Triss during the 'Where is Triss' quest? I tried to do everything about Saskia but as far as I see all the poison related quest(s) cannot advance right now. I got the blood from Stennis so I basically don't need to meet Henselt.


      • #4
        The choice to which you refer will happen much later in the story (next chapter).


        • #5
          Thanks for solving my confusion.


          • #6
            that was helpful, still.... thanks