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The Witcher 3 is one of the best war games there's ever been

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    Hi everyone

    Just bought W3 3 days ago.... and wow... i have to admit this game put standards so high that i dont think any other company will even make a game CLOSE to this one...seriously i even think that CD Projekt themselves will never climb the mountain that they have created ... i am gaming for more than 15 years now and never have i seen such a masterpiece at W3 Wild hunt. I pray to all gods that they will eventually change their mind and continue the series . I am 100% sure that whichever game beats The Witcher 3 will be remembered as the best game of all time . CD PROJEKT have this opportunity if they make Witcher 4 . I agree to wait even 10 freaking years for this to happen . Thank you guys for the wonderful experience


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      To me... it's still...
      Game Of The Year...

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        I won't speak about the good and bad (should i rather say "not that good" ?) things of the game because everything has probably been already said, and that's not the point right now.

        I just finished Wild Hunt one hour ago. Very few games gave me so much feelings, and even fewer made me cry. I'm now in the same mood I was when I finished reading The Lord of the Ring, many years ago : a mix of sadness, joy, hope and nostalgia. To me, there will be "a before and an after" Witcher 3.

        Thank You ! Thank you so much !

        A 43 y.o. player

        ps : my wife told me she wants to play it, now. I didn't realize she was sneaking and watching over my shoulder sometimes. I guess I won't get the computer back for a long time ...