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Save-Game Request Thread: Searching for a specific save-file? Try here.

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  • Greetings,

    Sometimes even a witcher can use a bit of extra help. Therefore, if, for whatever reason, you need a specific save, you may request one from your fellow witchers in this thread.

    A few guidelines:

    1. Please, be aware that only PC saves may be shared. (Unfortunately, for technical reasons, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 saves cannot be shared between accounts.) Also include what conditions you would prefer in a save: Normal or NG+, level, equipment, quest choices, etc.

    2. Try to keep spoilers to a minimum. If you seek very detailed story decisions, please, use [spoiler] tags.

    3. Keep in mind that this thread is intended as a place where players can help other players. As such, it is not an official source for saves from CD Projekt RED. Neither the REDs nor the moderators are responsible for unanswered requests, nor for the quality of the saves shared between individual members.

    4. As a final reminder: This is not a story discussion thread, therefore, please, focus your posts on requests and replies for saves. Posts which are unrelated to these will be deleted. (However, thanking someone for a save is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.)

    I hope you find this a useful resource.

    Thank you. Carry on.

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    • System: PC
      Gametype: NG+
      Prefered character level: any
      Prefered time of the save: Im looking for save right before final bost fight in Scenes From a Marriage quest
      HoS completed: No
      BaW completed: No