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Skyrim and W3

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    I find things to love about TW3 and Skyrim, but I also find it hard to compare them side-by-side. There are certain aspects of each game that are similar, certain things I like more / less about each game, but modding is something that Bethesda games are specifically built for. I agree that adding modding capability to any game might increase its lifespan, but that really requires an engine to be specifically developed for that purpose. In turn, that would offset other things. I doubt we would have had all of those gorgeous cutscenes and bustling cities in TW3 if the engine had been tailored for modding instead.

    Besides, aside from Bethesda's titles and Minecraft...there really aren't any other titles I can think of specifically built to let players create their own content. (Neverwinter Nights 1? Few people I know really play that anymore.)
    People always ask me, "What's in the box?" I get the question a lot. "Come on -- what's in the box!?" I won't tell them...but I'll tell you. Go on.
    You can see what's IN THE BOX!!!


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      Originally posted by nircc View Post
      Gonna make it short.
      we got Skyrim like 6 Years ago ...
      Till this day its one of the most played games in Steam .

      While Skyrim got like 500k players , W3 barley gets 30k

      The reason that skyrim is still most played game till this day is because they have Modding tools to make the game better , add content , fix bugs and so on.

      W3 on the other hand - got nothing . bad modding tools (with awesome modding community which i appericiate alot) .

      just saying that if W3 wont get any modding tools soon it will be dead...no 1 will play it in a year or so .. just because they got no reason to replay the game .

      So please dear Devs, dont you want your amazing creation(W3) to survive long in the gaming indjustry ? , dont need patchs , dont need more expansions , NOTHING .
      just bring us the Modding tools we so much need to make this game from Epic to Legendary !

      Gonna make it short too.
      1. I bought Skyrim on sale for $5 and I think that it's the price this game deserves, so, no disappointment here. First 10 hours are fun but then it's a bore fest spiced with large amount of atrocious glitches and bugs. I've played it for a significant amount of time and uninstalled it finishing about 50% of the game. Never felt like I want to look for any mods for it or ever run it again because the only good part about the base game is the landscape, which is still not as good as in TW3 ...
      2. TW3 on the other hand I replayed twice and second time I tried different mods because the BASE game is awesome. I haven't experienced any notable bugs or glitches. I'll replay it again with more mods in the future because of the story, but I cannot imagine a mod for RPG that would make me replay it just because of the mod.


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        Just to chime in.
        Redkit 3 will be amazing. Look at NWN community. They are still creating mods for 15 year old game.
        With Redkit, we could create new worlds to play in with favorite characters.

        So if CDPR rrading this, please consider.


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          Originally posted by Martinvls View Post
          Skyrim has virtually endless replayability, that's why people are still playing it. Mods are just adding new flavor but basic game is still fun to play each new time and majority of mods are for visuals not for gameplay itself.
          Also you may safely play Skyrim for a few hours and abandon it for month or two as soon as you get bored. In W3 you must play consistently 2-3 hours several days in a week, otherwise you'll miss immersion and flow. So when somebody wants to get a bit of medieval fantasy, it's easier to select TES because it doesn't require so many time as W3.
          Not to mention that unlike Beth games you have to re-orient yourself with TW3's controls as they're much more involved and demands precision within a 3rd person perspective, unlike Beth's that is designed with the first, with the 3rd person perspective that's been modified to behave much like the first perspective as in both you do not have an enemy lock-on/dodge mechanic...Plus the 3rd person perspective is much more akin to gears of war/Mass Effects off-center mode.

          Originally posted by alexanderros View Post
          Just to chime in.
          Redkit 3 will be amazing. Look at NWN community. They are still creating mods for 15 year old game.
          With Redkit, we could create new worlds to play in with favorite characters.

          So if CDPR rrading this, please consider.
          Unfortunately TW3's engine is much more specific towards a closed-structure for a specific game environment that relies heavily on scripted events and maps that you would need the design notes in order to understand where to properly make changes to the main campaign in order to not break the game itself, unlike Bethesda/NWN 1-2/torchlight and Grimrock's game engines that were specifically designed for modding either for the main campaign/game world itself or setting up your own maps/scenarios that did not involve overly complex scripting and programming.

          Not saying TW3's game engine cannot support modding but it will require a much, much higher learning curve that only a few dedicated modding programmers that can organize an actual modding team in order to come out with a functioning quest-based mod, which usually takes 6 months to a couple of years to complete, which is why there isn't a strong library of mods (Not just re-skins and art assets/cheat mods) for TW2, Two Worlds series of games...


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            witcher 3 > skyrim


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              Been on the same page for years. If the witcher 3 got a complete set of tools it's life would be extended exponentially just like skyrim which we are still playing and still keeps getting new versions (special edition patches for x one x anyone?). I would love for a redkit3 or whatever it gets called with completely freedom to mod just like bethesda does and all the tools needed to do it.