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Looking for a completionist walkthrough

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  • Looking for a completionist walkthrough

    I played Witcher 3 a lot after it launched - but I got bogged down with other things and never finished it yet.

    I am a compleatecionist - always aim to do All the Quests etc. (Like I did in Witcher 2 and 1)

    Now I have GotY Eddition with all expansions and I want to start from the scratch.

    Anyone can recomend me to a good guide, walkthrough for the game. Frankly more detailed the better.
    Wiki page with a walkthrough that has all the quests all the items and sugested order of doing them etc would be much appreciated.

    I would start a new thread on that but there is the restriction for new members ...

    Thanks in advance (hopefully ;] )

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    Originally posted by Disemboweler27 View Post
    I would start a new thread on that but there is the restriction for new members ...
    New topic created

    I only used walkthroughs occasionally, so unfortunately I don't know which one would be the best at the moment. This is one of the latest ones that I know of, but it's still work in progress and that thread hasn't been active recently: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum...-3#post7575080

    That thread also includes a link to "Well hidden details in quests or locations you can miss easily", which is worth checking.

    We also have a thread for Missable side quests list and guide. It's a bit old at the moment and some things may be wrong or changed, so it's worth checking the comments in there.

    Don't have any idea about recent (and updated) Gwent guides. So try completing those quests as soon as possible. Specifically the one during Triss's side quests, since that is probably the most "missed" Gwent quest.

    Also, I don't know your platform, but if it's a console, keep some random saves safe (although you might already do so, since you have played earlier). Always try to keep at least one save before you started a quest, so that you have a way back and chance to try again if something goes wrong (bug, for example). This may not be much of a problem with PC, but on consoles where save files are limited, this is still worth keeping in mind.
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      While I do not generally rely on walkthroughs myself, so I cannot tell for sure how good it is, this guide at IGN seems to be reasonably detailed, even if it is not necessarily for a "completionist" style of playing. The Witcher Wikia also has walkthroughs, but the last time I checked, they are often incomplete for Witcher 3 quests.


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        Thanks for making it into a thread.

        I look into thouse. I was aware of the IGN guide but to be honest I dont have too good opinion of them - they are too mainstream to my liking ;]

        But if they did a good job on Witcher 3 I will give it a go.


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          If you feel like paying for a guide, the official collector editions hard cover prima guide is very excellent quality and pretty thorough.(I'm sure there's an updated one that includes expansion material, I bought mine on games release.) Its one of the few times I spring for physical game guides. Prima does a pretty good job for certain game series (I found the elder scrolls guides and very good quality as well).


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            I would also be interested in this.


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              I am actually revising one I started creating. I am a completionist to extremes. Plus I have OCD so I definitely comb every inch of this game. I'll be making my own topics soon absolutely full of guides, suggestions, bugs still occuring imperfections I have found etc.