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No announcement yet.

Spacelab9 Announces 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack Double LP'

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  • Spacelab9 Announces 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack Double LP'

    Anybody noticed this?

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    Something for your record collection, eh, Sunsibar ?
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      Originally posted by Riven-Twain View Post
      Something for your record collection, eh, Sunsibar ?
      I saw that today and yeah, it would be definitely great to have!

      However, thanks to my car, tax people and few stupid mistakes of my own, I'm currently out of cash. Hopefully this will still be available when I get more money


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        Well, the european release of the album came and it was was a joke or a dupe. The official announce by SPACELAB9 didn't mention the specific store that would be selling the LE (Game-Legends.com) but only it's parent company which is Gaya Entertainment. Gaya Entertainment's site doesn't mention the retail store or have a link to it. There was no info or announce about the release of a Witcher Soundtrack vinyl on Gaya Entertainment's site either. I was able to find out about Game-Legends.com only by googling through internet clutter with the help of google translate. And when I finally pinpointed Game-Legends.com, on June 1st, the LE was already sold out because they supposedly put the album on sale before the official release date. Rolls eyes? Yup, rolls eyes...
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          If anybody's interested: The Witcher 3: Original Game Soundtrack Deluxe 4LP Set - Exclusive

          I'm passing up, 55$ + 30 to 40$ for shipping + customs fees makes it much too expensive.


          • #6
            update: got the european limited edition from Spacelab9's site


            • #7
              Finally managed to get that record too Yay! Now I'm just hoping that it survives from the post handling and gets delivered safely.


              • #8
                Spacelab9 EU 180 copies
                Spacelab9 USA 280 copies
                ThinkGeek Exclusive