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What's your most embarrassing death? (pls keep it spoiler free)

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    Well if you must know I was fighting a big silly goober, said goober proceeded to do scary big goober attacks. So scary in fact, I turned tail. As soon as I did so I ran directly off a cliff into an unstable portal I was repairing that had an outcome of it being a janky "as I said" incomplete portal and spawned me in the air and I plummeted to my death.. A sad end to the fabled Geralt of Rivia. XD


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      I hated that place, if I think it's what it is. Too many steep sides and cliffs and narrow as heck. And I literally looked high and low for many minutes until I found the item that would stabilise the portal. I was like <facepalm> when I found it.
      Kaer Mohen, doing the Wolf gear scavenger hunt?


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        wenever I fall from a ridiculous short fall


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          Originally posted by TendaFoot View Post
          Mine has been stairs. Leaving white orchards nilfgard fort and going over the hand railings.
          When I run I do the same thing.