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Emperor Emhyr's Crown

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  • Emperor Emhyr's Crown

    He's wearing a crown here, right? How come we never get to see this in game?
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    Maybe because he gets this crown after he conquered the North and this is crown of King of the North/Redania? And maybe because we didn't see him on the throne, just in his room, but regarding to the books he should only have a thin, gold circlet on the official audiences.


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      A ruler only wears their crown in official manners usually. The meeting with Geralt I wouldn't necessarily consider official.


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        Originally posted by LukeSparow View Post
        The meeting with Geralt I wouldn't necessarily consider official.
        I imagine that Emyr would argue, "It was only official for Geralt."
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          Originally posted by SigilFey View Post
          "It was only official for Geralt."
          Formal, at any rate.
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