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[books] How to get TW3 communicated to my mom? (won't play games, but read the books)

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  • [books] How to get TW3 communicated to my mom? (won't play games, but read the books)

    So I got my mom to read the entire witcher series, but she won't play the game- with excuses like: my hands don't work that way.. why play a game when I can read?)

    But its tragic because the ending to the books was blaaaaaaaah and TW3 is one of the best components of the series. That first scene with [spoiler] damn near made me cry/// TW3 could arguably be the best 'book' in the series..

    I could make her watch a playthrough, but she'll have 0 interest in watching hours of hacking and slashing. I find cutscene movies to always be a poor representation of a game plot as well. Is there like a fan make tw3 book or anything?

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    Originally posted by algroshaw View Post
    Is there like a fan make tw3 book or anything?
    I'm not quite sure if this is what you seek, however, our friend Rawls has been composing a sort of Witcher III story, based upon various sources: The Wild Hunt: A Tale by Master Dandelion
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      Is playing the game really not an option? Perhaps she could play on Just the Story difficulty, or there might be mods that make the combat even easier so the game becomes like an interactive novel. Although it still requires a fair amount of time to complete, much more than reading a summary of the main story. On the other hand, much of what makes the game good can only be experienced by actually playing it, the soundtrack, the environments and their atmosphere, the dialogues with their voice acting and animations, being able to make choices, and so on.

      Anyway, Rawls' thread (which is based on actual journal entries in the game on his preferred path) could be a good starting point for reading.
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        Made her play more story based games. Like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls etc. If she likes she might play Witcher too. But im not sure.