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Total number of ingredients needed for alchemy

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  • Total number of ingredients needed for alchemy

    Have you ever wondered how many of each ingredient you need for alchemy items? Well I have. And I couldn't find an answer online so I created some tables. Maybe somebody will find them as interesting as I do?

    This is the total needed for all oils, bombs, potions and decoctions.
    If you'd rather see an alphabetical list, move your cursor over column "A" and sort it.

    Ingredients for oils




    The data for these tables come from online lists. I'm in the process of checking them against the game. If you happen to see an error, please let me know.

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    Awesome bananas.
    People always ask me, "What's in the box?" I get the question a lot. "Come on -- what's in the box!?" I won't tell them...but I'll tell you. Go on.
    You can see what's IN THE BOX!!!


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      113 different ingredients, that seems to be more than what is in Skyrim. Although they cannot be freely combined. and some are rarely used. But it is a bit surprising there are so many, I thought alchemy is a relatively small part of the game (compared to combat).


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        Alchemy is what makes this game very easy. You wont even remember any formula because everything is done automatically.


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          Whoaa, this is great !


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            The total is a bit different from my test, idk, probably i'm on the wrong end here, because i currently use some mods.
            Although AFAIK none of my mods change the recipe requirement / ingredient.

            But just in case i'm right, i'm gonna post the difference, everything else aside from the list is the same..

            Sort alphabetical based on your spreadsheet :

            Yours left side, mine right side.
            Sorry for the weird comparison format, it's generated automatically.
            alchemy paste    13       <> alchemy paste    21
            arenaria    77            <> arenaria    75
            balisse fruit    24          balisse fruit    25
            bear fat    19            <> bear fat    23
            beggartick blossoms    12 <> beggartick blossoms    11
            bloodmoss    6            <> bloodmoss    8
            blowball    30               blowball    29
            celandine    30           <> celandine    33
            crow's eye    28          <> crow's eye    29
            dog tallow    12          <> dog tallow    11
            drowner brain    11       <> drowner brain    8
            ekimmara hide    6        <> ekimmara hide    2
            ghoul's blood    14       <> ghoul's blood    9
            green mold    10          <> green mold    11
            han fiber    17           <> han fiber    19
            hellebore petals    15       hellebore petals    21
            hornwort    10            <> hornwort    11
            longrube    16            <> longrube    17
            mandrake root    5        <> mandrake root    4
            mistletoe    20              mistletoe    21
            moleyarrow    6              moleyarrow    7
            nostrix    12             <> nostrix    14
            puffball    24            <> puffball    26
            verbena    32             <> verbena    34
            wolf's liver    4         <> wolf's liver    5
            wolfsbane    24              wolfsbane    25
            If i'm correct, here's the minimum alcohol & substance required to create all of the recipe.
            hangyaboly already have this in the spreadsheet, but as a raw ingredient.
            This one is the minimum intermediate product in one table.
            Alcohest 12
            Dwarven Spirit 49
            White Gull 44
            aether 4
            albedo 3
            hydragenum 2
            nigredo 5
            quebrith 5
            rebis 4
            rubedo 3
            vermilion 3
            Vitriol 3

            As for quick testing, here's the list of the console command and the value needed using AutoHotkey:

            winactivate, The Witcher 3
            WinWaitActive, The Witcher 3
            SetKeyDelay 0,30
            send {esc}
            sleep 1000
            Send {``}
            sleep 3000
            Send additem('Alchemists powder',7) {enter}
            Send additem('Alchemical paste',21) {enter}
            Send additem('Alghoul bone marrow',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Allspice root',24) {enter}
            Send additem('Ancient Leshy mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Arachas mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Arachas venom',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Volcanic Gryphon mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Arenaria',75) {enter}
            Send additem('Balisse fruit',25) {enter}
            Send additem('Basilisk mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Bear fat',23) {enter}
            Send additem('Bear pelt',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Beggartick blossoms',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Berbercane fruit',34) {enter}
            Send additem('Bison Grass',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Bloodmoss',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Blowbill',29) {enter}
            Send additem('Bryonia',17) {enter}
            Send additem('Buckthorn',14) {enter}
            Send additem('Calcium equum',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Cave Troll liver',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Celandine',33) {enter}
            Send additem('Cherry Cordial',56) {enter}
            Send additem('Czart mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Cockatrice mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Cockatrice maw',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Cortinarius',18) {enter}
            Send additem('Crows eye',29) {enter}
            Send additem('Nightwraith dark essence',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Greater Rotfiend blood',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Dog tallow',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Doppler mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Drowner brain',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Drowned dead tongue',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Ducal water',10) {enter}
            Send additem('Dao mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Lamia mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Ekimma epidermis',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Ekimma mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Empty bottle',105) {enter}
            Send additem('Endriag embryo',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Endriag heart',5) {enter}
            Send additem('Ergot seeds',20) {enter}
            Send additem('Erynie eye',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Wraith essence',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Fiend mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Fifth essence',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Fogling 1 mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Fogling teeth',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Fools parsley leaves',13) {enter}
            Send additem('Forktail mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Ghoul blood',9) {enter}
            Send additem('Ginatia petals',13) {enter}
            Send additem('Golem heart',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Grave Hag mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Green mold',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Gryphon mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Han',19) {enter}
            Send additem('Hellebore petals',21) {enter}
            Send additem('Honeysuckle',13) {enter}
            Send additem('Hop umbels',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Hornwort',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Katakan mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Leshy mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Lesser mutagen blue',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Lesser mutagen green',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Lesser mutagen red',9) {enter}
            Send additem('Noonwraith light essence',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Longrube',17) {enter}
            Send additem('Mahakam Spirit',98) {enter}
            Send additem('Mandrake cordial',44) {enter}
            Send additem('Mandrake root',4) {enter}
            Send additem('Mistletoe',21) {enter}
            Send additem('Moleyarrow',7) {enter}
            Send additem('Nekker eye',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Nekker heart',9) {enter}
            Send additem('Nekker Warrior mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Nekker warrior liver',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Nightwraith mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Nilfgaardian Lemon',12) {enter}
            Send additem('Noonwraith mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Nostrix',14) {enter}
            Send additem('Oil',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Optima mater',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Phosphorus',11) {enter}
            Send additem('Pringrape',13) {enter}
            Send additem('Powdered pearl',7) {enter}
            Send additem('Pigskin puffball',26) {enter}
            Send additem('Quicksilver solution',5) {enter}
            Send additem('Ranogrin',19) {enter}
            Send additem('Redanian Herbal',44) {enter}
            Send additem('Ribleaf',16) {enter}
            Send additem('Rotfiend blood',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Saltpetre',14) {enter}
            Send additem('Sewant mushrooms',24) {enter}
            Send additem('Specter dust',3) {enter}
            Send additem('Stammelfords dust',8) {enter}
            Send additem('Succubus mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Sulfur',10) {enter}
            Send additem('Troll mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Verbena',34) {enter}
            Send additem('Water essence',5) {enter}
            Send additem('Water Hag mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Water Hag teeth',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Werewolf mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('White myrtle',86) {enter}
            Send additem('Wine stone',2) {enter}
            Send additem('Wolf liver',5) {enter}
            Send additem('Wolfsbane',25) {enter}
            Send additem('Wraith mutagen',1) {enter}
            Send additem('Wyvern mutagen',1) {enter}
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