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Total number of ingredients needed for alchemy

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  • Total number of ingredients needed for alchemy

    Have you ever wondered how many of each ingredient you need for alchemy items? Well I have. And I couldn't find an answer online so I created some tables. Maybe somebody will find them as interesting as I do?

    This is the total needed for all oils, bombs, potions and decoctions.
    If you'd rather see an alphabetical list, move your cursor over column "A" and sort it.

    Ingredients for oils




    The data for these tables come from online lists. I'm in the process of checking them against the game. If you happen to see an error, please let me know.

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    Awesome bananas.
    People always ask me, "What's in the box?" I get the question a lot. "Come on -- what's in the box!?" I won't tell them...but I'll tell you. Go on.
    You can see what's IN THE BOX!!!


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      113 different ingredients, that seems to be more than what is in Skyrim. Although they cannot be freely combined. and some are rarely used. But it is a bit surprising there are so many, I thought alchemy is a relatively small part of the game (compared to combat).


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        Alchemy is what makes this game very easy. You wont even remember any formula because everything is done automatically.