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Witcher 3 signposts meaning

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    Regarding using simple alphabet as inscription. May be it has a meaning of all letters representing raw potential, not shaped in any particular form yet (referring to the departed soul). Just an idea that might fit, though it's hard to say what designers really had in mind. Some input from actual artists would be helpful here. Benzenzimmern ?


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      Investigated some more signposts, this time in a certain duchy. No images attached, but putting spoiler tags just in case.

      Apparently the Toussaint signposts use the same messages as base game ones, BUT the text is written upside down and from right to left. Clever trick from CDPR, got to admit.

      Edit: Some of them do. Ones on red-and-white poles have text that looks to be in an entirely different font. Hmm...

      Now it's just Skellige that remains to be investigated in that regard... already tried it, but didn't have much success.
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