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Interview: Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: The Witcher 3

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    I don't really want 4k, that thing costs so much that not even the gtx 1080ti can handle it all the time at 60 fps. I prefer better lighting, volumetric fog, better particles, better everything specially AO to make a soft shadows like effect. Texture resolution is a great steps and that means probably better textures than the actual PC versions without the mods.


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      Originally posted by SageFox.326 View Post
      Texture resolution is a great steps and that means probably better textures than the actual PC versions without the mods.
      I do not think there are actual higher quality textures (that is, new assets) in the enhanced version, more likely it changes settings like anisotropic filtering and TextureMipBias.


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        As the post above states, 2K / 4K resolutions do not alter the graphics in any way. It only alters the number of pixels that the final image is rendered in. This will create, well, the "illusion" of cleaner lines, sharper textures, more finely detailed effects, etc.

        While it's still a bit clunky (mostly because present-gen hardware really isn't built for 4K), the end result is that it will be very good for gaming. It does away with the need for processor-intensive features such as anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, drastically increasing overall performance and allowing for much more complex scenes. It also allows for games to focus more on raw triangles-per-second and less on "post-processing" features that are needed to "tidy up" the final image. But most importantly, it means that every frame can be "finished" in fewer "passes". (For example, using 8x AA in a game now basically means that the single frame will be rendered "8 times"...each pass blurring the edges of the geometry and blending the pixels a little more. If the image can be rendered at a resolution high enough that the eye can't detect the jagged edges to begin with, then there's no need to do any AA passes. 2K / 4K would produce an image as clean or cleaner than 8x AA, with no blurry effect, while simultaneously increasing performance by 700%.)

        We want 2K / 4K resolutions. But it will still be 2-3 years before they're mainstream.
        People always ask me, "What's in the box?" I get the question a lot. "Come on -- what's in the box!?" I won't tell them...but I'll tell you. Go on.
        You can see what's IN THE BOX!!!


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          Originally posted by Tomiwalkee View Post
          Got my Xbox One X yesterday . When can we expect the enhanced patch to be released? Can't wait!
          Yes please, when I bought my xBox One X, I was under the impression that this was done already, what with all the videos. Is there any chance this will be done in 2017?


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            I want the patch already! Bring it on!


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              cant wait anymore, release date?