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Getting too close to objects in gameplay

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  • Getting too close to objects in gameplay

    It's like in most games when you get too close to walls, rocks, tables, bottles or most anything they get a bit blurry and less detailed. So I'm guessing most play in the default 3rd person in W3. And most of the time the 3rd person view keeps you just far enough away from most objects so they appear nice, clear and sharp. Especially in rooms your character generally can't get too close to things to cause the textures to get somewhat blurry. Unless you pan around far enough then you get into problems with visual clarity.

    By panning around far enough in 3rd person you can "bring" objects right up close to you. And that's when they get blurry most of the time. In a few games objects are sharp when your face is right up against them. But generally not in W3. And that's ok. Now when we get into 1st person view with the help of adjustments added to the gameplay then it gets tougher to stay back far enough to keep things sharp and clear. You want get closer to objects to admire their appearance. Or I'm assuming many of you do. But in 1st person it's easy to move too close, so then you have to back up and find the right distance away to avoid the out of focus appearance.

    This may sound like basic stuff. But for those who are into sharp textures you have to know the limits of your regular gameplay movement just to keep the graphics in focus.
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