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Selling price question/bug??

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  • Selling price question/bug??

    I used to sell alchemy items to 2 herbalists in Novigrad and 1 near the Oxenfurt.
    But at some point - i am lvl 30, I started quest from ofier distant shores, and after a while I noticed that all prices for selling items - all are lowered!
    I used to sell monster parts for 11, now its 10. I remember that wyvern hide (highest price) I used to sell for about 480,now its 380..
    What happenned??
    I reload older save (even before isle of mists), but prices are the same now - lowered as I think. Or am I crazy?))
    ​​​​​Every price now seems lowered...

    Can someone please enter the game (i am on ps4), and check some of the prices for alchemy parts at novigrad alchemists???
    All alchemy monster parts were 11, Or am I mistaken??
    now its all 10. (Drowners brain, tongue, nekker eye etc)