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PC command "phase" to get to some of the places you can't normally reach

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  • PC command "phase" to get to some of the places you can't normally reach

    Say if you want to get to walkways on top of the high stone walls in a big city. Or to the tops of some buildings or other moderately high place that's normally inaccessible. First go to a location as high or higher than where you want to go. You'll have to climb or walk to get there.

    Next point toward your desired place. Then use the phase command on the PC command line to move forward horizontally as many meters as you want. Example "phase(02)" without the quotes moves you forward 2 meters horizontally. And "phase(32)" moves you forward 32 meters. At the end of the distance moved your character drops vertically to the surface below it. And it moves you through walls or any obstacle.

    Can be tricky to use but after some trial and error you can probably reach your desired city location. It could help out in the wilderness I guess like crossing a chasm or something. And of course going through locked doors anywhere in the game. I know there's a fly mode but it doesn't allow you to walk on the surface you fly to.

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    So there is a command like that, after all. Cool!

    This information will be useful the next time Geralt gets stuck in some random hole/gap.


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      Oh just found out there's a command to move vertically up, the shiftz command. I haven't tried it but if it works then what I said about having to walk to a high place first isn't necessary. Anyway it's "shiftz(value)" with value being a variable in meters. An example is "shiftz(14) which should move you straight up 14 meters. And hopefully from there you can use the phase command in my first post to move horizontally. I don't know yet if shiftz allows you to pass through objects above you.

      Here's a lot of commands in a Nexus website mod. It includes the phase and shiftz ones.

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        You can also use tptopos(x, y, z) to teleport to any location, assuming you know what coordinates to enter. These can be printed at your current position with getpos. Some examples are shown in this older post. Of course, when experimenting with vertical movement, it may be a good idea to enable god mode first.


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          I played around with tptopos.
          I found the locations of the Eternal Fire tower and the Bald Mountain tree down to the foot or meter or whatever.
          In case you are wondering the tower is higher than the tree by 33 meters.


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            exec function tpc(){
            just create a new mod with modName/content/scripts/local/whatever.ws and copy this code into it, and then you can fly around with freecam, and the console command "tpc" will teleport you to the position of the freecam...