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Triss Merigold of Maribor (All Spoilers) Resurgence

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  • Originally posted by Hamilton1358 View Post
    Triss and Geralt separated between TW2 and TW3. I think Triss thought he will go back to Yen and was trying to move on. Seeing Geralt again probably brought back a lot of feelings and memories and she assumed she might get hurt again, so in that answer I think she is ironically teasing Geralt about the whole situation now that they ended up together and she is comfortable joking about it.
    Now I understand. Thank you very much.


    • Nice to see you all again. Cheers.


      • Even after all these years arriving at Kaer Morhen for Ugly Baby quest annoys me intensely with the lack of Triss and the lack of reflection of my choices.
        At least after the patch there's better reflection later once i power through this portion.


        • First of all sorry for my english, hope you will understand me. I want to make some clarity that you miss about Philippa and Triss.
          1. At the beginning of the "The Tower of the Swallow" is written that Philippa slept with the wife of the Count de Noëlle.
          2. Triss was expelled from Temeria, so I doubt that she had money for gifts for Philippia, but the count's wife had to have such money.
          3, If Philippa had traces after the love affair then on Triss there were no such traces.
          4. When two women of nine have an amorous relationship with each other, the other seven are had to know about it, especially if they can read minds.
          5. What Philippa did at Triss home at night? Philipa knew that Yennifer would want to communicate with Triss, so she watched her so that they did not say too much to each other, I doubt that she was at that window at the right time, most likely she sat there for a long time and waited.

          I actually doubt that Triss had an any kind of relationship with anyone after separation with Geralt, since the author never mentioned any, even at the ball on Tanned, where Triss came alone. The author paid attention to the most of the other characters and mentioned that they have a lover (like Margarita, Philippa(two times), Dijkstra(two times), Coral, Yennefer(many times), Milva(two times), Marty(two times), Yarre in the future, Adam Pangratt, Nimue(two times), Ciri, Regis and others), except for Triss, in fact, she was always alone, even in Wysim where we arrived in the first game.
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