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Elven notes - Fox Hollows

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  • Elven notes - Fox Hollows

    I am high enough level to start adventuring and I have come across two elven notes? When I talked to the innkeeper at Fox Hollows, she smiles a little then claims to know nothing. Has anyone come across this. The notes them selves are 120 paces north west west of Fox Hollows. There a are two archespores brightly coloured so be careful.

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    Originally posted by Dwinblade View Post
    Has anyone come across this.
    Yes, and I wondered why they included this rather unremarkable reaction. Perhaps it was intended to illustrate the indifference of Toussaint's common folk towards elven history?
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      Yeah something like that. The notes them selves are pretty much everyday small talk kind of "I am doing fine letter" but the places in the letter, dol blathanna visiting a grave the letter goes on and says living with humans taking in there customs. The note in question is called "letter writen in elder speech" the other note is called "scroll from Crevan Carn. Hmm writing this and reading it at the same time gives me an idean the second note! It mentions burning pyres at a funeral, maybe we find this Crevan Carn or Dol Blathanna. Dol Blathanna in the first note is written exactly like this.(full sentence), "Personally, I've nothing against this, but I know where you are - Dol Blathanna - that would be unthinkable." now the dashies before and after the name make the word stand out within the entire letter. Maybe we have to go to Dol' and burn pyres maybe....


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        I just looked and Dol Blathanna is in the northern kingdom so we can not go there. But i will be looking out for any signs of Crevan Carn and pyres.


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          I think the Dol Blathanna is a reference to the short story "The Edge of the World" (in "The Last Wish") which tell about the conflict between humans and elves in Dol Blathanna.

          I suppose it's meant to give some background to elven roots of Toussaint.
          Later in the quest "Extreme Cosplay" we learn that relationship between the races was much less cordial.


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            It would of been nice to have more elven stories, seen as it is an elven palace and grounds. Lets face it humans did not build that. Extreme cosplay is that the one that pits you against elves, rather annoying elves to be polite about it lol.