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Hearts of Stone - NG+ -> Deathmarch

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  • Hearts of Stone - NG+ -> Deathmarch

    Warning, somewhat spoilers ahead....
    Hi, I'm currently having a hard time playing the DLC Hearts of Stone.
    I normally play on Deathmarch Difficulty but as you can see in the following videos:
    Iris as Wraith
    Iris' Greatest Fear
    The Game doesn't seem balanced right around my level (66), maybe my DPS is lower then it should be? (You can see my stats at the end of the Greatest Fear Video).
    Any advice, mods that balance this out etc. would be appreciated. Because as it stands now, I had to lower the difficulty at every Hearts of Stone Boss Fight, and that really doesn't sit well with my ego :/

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    Moved to HoS subforum.

    Those were annoying enough fights in easier difficulties too Check (but don't post in there anymore) these ancient threads for possible clues.

    Also, if you are using enemy scaling, turn that off from the settings and try again.


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      Silver Dust bomb against the wraith, and you have to hit the painting on the wall really fast. As for the greatest nightmare, you are making a mistake there. You can fight each of them separately, just don't get too close to them. Unless you are going for the achievement, then... good luck with the whole hell of dodges.


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        As Rafaelbw said, you should hit one nightmare at a time, unless you want to get the achievement (and if you want to get the achievement you'd better hit them with a couple of bombs to wake them all up).
        Iris was a pain in the a**, especially if it happens that it seems like she's dying and no, she's not dying and she regains her health while you're too busy exulting (yeah, that happened to me). I suggest to use the crossbow to hit the pictures, provided that you have the Lightining Reflexes skill active in order to slow time down while aiming at the picture.