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The Witcher World Online

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  • The Witcher World Online

    Hello, guys, after all just congrats about your work. I discovered The Witcher and the Geralt Of Rivia saga thanks to you and I've enjoyed a lot playing all your The Witcher games and reading the amazing books of Mr. Sapkowski, once again, thanks to you.

    At this point I think it would be a great way to expand definitively Geralt's world and experience with a last videogame, but, in this case, an online videogame where each player could create his own witcher with a great character editor, similar to the Fallout or The Elder Scrolls editors (they're really amazing about the almost infinite options to edit) and where it could be possible find, talk and interact with Geralt and the other characters of the books an videogames...

    Nothing else to tell to you, I hope this idea could be a reallity some day.

    I hope you are kind enough to respond if this idea could be interesting four you.

    Thanks a lot.
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      and how would that work? whe pay each month to keep playing?
      what kind of quests do we have? story-driven gameplay or just simple fetch quests?


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        I dont think we need that. Witcher games arent meant for this. Witchers are rare, if we have it as a online game we have a unrealistic army of Witchers. Quests would be boring like in WOW. I rather wait for Cyberpunk 2077 for online features and for Witcher 4 with a new character.


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          I dont think this is such a bad idea. Maybe you dont have to be a witcher if there is character creation. You could be a mage, dwarf, an elf or perhaps a monster.


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            I think Elder Scrolls Online is one of the reasons why Bethesda haven't released Elder Scrolls 6 so far. MMO games usually end up being inferior to single player RPG games in almost every aspect. If there were a game like you described, I'm %100 sure I wouldn't buy it nor would I pay monthly for it.


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              I always liked the quests in the Witcher 3, they never felt contrived or forced. I feel like this aspect of the game could be lost in an mmo.


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                Couch co-op would be nice. tougher enemies and better loot (but loot like the way D3 does it - each player only see's there own until dropped).


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                  Originally posted by Jello-Shot View Post
                  Couch co-op would be nice. tougher enemies and better loot (but loot like the way D3 does it - each player only see's there own until dropped).
                  Could indeed be very interesting!


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                    Very bad idea for a game using the Witcher source material.


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                      At first I was thinking about it too, but after so many single player games looking like MMOs lately, I appreciate the high quality of games like Witcher 3 more now.
                      But I have the same wishes as OP, but it wouldn't have to be MMO. I realised that mostly I just wish there would be the possibility to play different witchers with background and face editor.

                      So my idea was maybe some enhanced edition, where you could play in the same world with the same, but edited quests:

                      1. More different witchers from different schools with really different armors matching their builds with colors and types (right now everything is like - Geralt would like this, Geralt wouldn't like that, so variability is not really in the game), like robes for magic like witchers, heavy coats with furs and T-H axe for bears, medium armors are OK in the game, but with daggers for cats, vipers and wolves. Also bows and sneaking are missing.
                      2. you could have the same non marked quests, some of them possible to repeat after some time - like clear this nest, and new side quests with armies to make some bigger differences in the world.
                      3. your main quest could be connected to Geralt, where you could deal with his problems and you could choose to help him, make things right if he made some sad decisions. Also you could see the same videos which are in the game already - with the conversations with his decisions said by your previous playthrough, but as a 3rd person, where you could add to it and join some missions.
                      4. your personal quest would be to do something more for your school, you could have access to the headquarters and you could help with some main story of your chosen school.