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Make an option for 1st person

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  • Make an option for 1st person

    Look, I know CDPR did a great job with all the model detail and wepon and armor detail and even being able to watch as Geralts hair grows

    But I think having a option to go 1st person and 3rd person would bring in more fans to the game.

    I have had people I told to give the game a try, say they dont like it because they hate 3rd peraon games.

    They are missing out on a beautiful game and CDPR is missing out on people who could turn into huge fans of the game.

    Adding a simple way to go from 1st person to 3rd person would benifit the game for everyone.

    People who enjoy 3rd person can still play 3rd
    And people who love 1st person can play 1st person and still enjoy the amazing game

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    1st person? ewww
    They can go play Skyrim...


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      Hmm... I don't like first person at all. I want to see my character If CDPR is going to add first person to any of their games, I really hope that it's optional.


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        There is a mod by skacikpl that implements first person mode, although the last time I checked it was experimental and still had some issues, so not really suitable yet for regular gameplay. Not sure how much better it is now. I doubt that first person would be added as an official feature, especially since it looks like development of the game has been finished and no more patches are planned. Maybe in Cyberpunk 2077.


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          Originally posted by Sunsibar View Post
          Hmm... I don't like first person at all. I want to see my character If CDPR is going to add first person to any of their games, I really hope that it's optional.
          Thats what I said, option.
          That way people who enjoy playing 3rd person and still play 3rd person and people who dont like 3rd person can play 1st person.


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            Originally posted by RageGT View Post
            1st person? ewww
            They can go play Skyrim...
            Just because you dont like 1st person does not mean everyone else dont like it.

            Plus having a option wont hurt people who play 3rd person.

            It just allows people to play they way they enjoy.
            Bring in more fans to the game and give more money to the devs to keep making awesome games.


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              My first reaction to reading the thread title was immediate repulse. I can't imagine playing a game like Wild Hunt in first person, it seems unnatural, especially so because you are not controlling a character that you made.

              I believe that first-person modes are best left to games in which you create your own character - as someone already said, Skyrim. Introducing a first-person mode for these games would require an enormous and tedious overhaul of numerous aspects of the game, with combat being a very large and important one.

              That said, your plea will prove futile. CDPR has, apparently, no plans to release any further patches or content for Wild Hunt, although I wouldn't doubt the possibility of an "Enhanced Edition" at some point in the future.


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                Aesthetics aside, all the dodging and rolling would likely cause motion sickness to you after about 20 minutes of 1st person gameplay (unless you're a seasoned astronaut). Probably one of the main reasons why it was never implemented in any witcher game.
                Anyhow, if you play on PC you might want to check out this mod:
                Last edited by ooodrin; 07-03-17, 09:56. Reason: Link already posted


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                  Only way to make it 1st person optional is to make combat as shitty as any TES games. I played them all in 3rd person anyway. But combat there still sucks badly, specially compared to TW games.