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Contract: An Elusive Thief - Quest is broken?

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  • Contract: An Elusive Thief - Quest is broken?

    I am able to get to the point where I read the letter on the desk, but once I've done that and my character says something about the Imp being literate, nothing else happens. There is nothing looted. The quest says to continue searching the house. I find clothing but after that it seems to be a dead end. I've seen videos of the quest and you are supposed to get the letter in your inventory. That doesn't seem to work for me for some reason. I'm playing the Steam version. I was using 4 mods but I tried it without any mods enabled. None of my mods affect gameplay. They are the debug console enabler, Fast Travel from anywhere, HD textures, and over 9000 carry weight.

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    I was able to bypass the issue for the meantime using


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      The Fast Travel From Anywhere mod is especially prone to breaking quests, as it can allow players to bypass quest flags. If you experience more issues like this, I'd recommend uninstalling it or avoiding any fast travel whatsoever while actively engaged in a quest.
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