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New Characters/Rules for Witcher Adventure Game

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  • New Characters/Rules for Witcher Adventure Game

    I've been a fan of this board game since release, and I thought about how this game could be better.

    We can't argue that it needs some tweaking and refining. I have come up with some new ideas for the game as well as some new, unique characters to play. I will post pictures etc at a later date when I can due to restrictions. At this stage, they are "house rules" and I'm play-testing them so that they don't become as over-powered as Triss.

    Currently this is one of my favourite board games and I hope CD Projekt Red and Fantasy Flight Games continue to develop it and bring it to it's full potential.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Hello Dion,

    thank you for making the Ciri playercard, i have tested it now with the Geralt Training Cards (without witcher signs, because Ciri cant use witcher signs in W3).
    Let me say, she is weak in the boardgame and I am asking my self why has Ciri the same exchange-Values like Yarpen (Fight = 5, Magic = 5, Dialog = 5)?

    Ciri has less magic than Geralt (becaus of no witcher signs), but is in fight really good (in w3), also she has a much better communication than Geralt.....so why not give her: Fight = 3, Dialog = 5, Magic = 7)?