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miniatures ?

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  • miniatures ?

    So I bought the Witcher adventure game, because I wanted the minis. I am very pleased with them, and am busy painting them.
    Now, what is surprising me, is that even with looking a lot on the Internet, I could find no other offerings. I find this somewhat surprising, as so many interesting characters were developped for the games, and there re plenty of miniatures crafting companies around.
    This could make sense too, when the pen and paper RPG comes out next year.
    So what's the plan ? anything in the work ? That would be great news for me, and I am sure I am not the only one.

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    Agreed. Would love to see miniatures coincide with the PnP release


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      I was thinkin about it again recenty : I do not know how Fantasy Flight did for the ones in the game, but with all the 3D renders that have been made for the game, possibly it would be easy ?
      I am dreaming of seeing a Kickstarter made by a mini company like Reaper, with additional characters as stretch goals