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Can't get back to old vizimia from swamp cemetery

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  • Can't get back to old vizimia from swamp cemetery

    Ok, I finished all the quest (except the manor). I'm trying to get back to Old Vizimia. Every time I go through the gate, it loads, then says "old Vizimia" with the picture, and then it says "game over". If I try to load, it only lets me load an old save, and the cursor is frozen. I have to go to the main menu to load the most recent save (by the gate of Old Vizimia).

    Any thoughts on this? I hate to toss the series in the virtual dumpster, but this really bites. I'm running it on a Windows 10 system. It worked fine up until now.

    - Russ

  • #2
    You should be able to travel freely in and out. Pretty sure after manor quest you get one last chance to explore swamp. After that you you get back to old vizima and epilogue starts..


    • #3
      Thanks for the response! Yes, I figured I should be able to move freely around. After the last time it said "game over", I was able to stay in the area and saw his body lying on the ground. It seems he gets killed off as soon as he goes back to Old Vizimia, even though he starts with full health and vitality. I've seen things about doing the Striga quest last (I did it near the beginning of the swamp portion), I'm wondering if I have to go all the way back to the start of that segment and do everything again. That wouldn't be fun, it's a waste of my time.

      I think I'll try loading up on potions and see what happens. I'm getting the feeling that it won't matter - something is wrong with the game itself. But I haven't seen anyone else with this problem, so that's weird. If anyone has any thoughts on a work around, I sure would like to hear it!

      - Russ


      • #4
        Ok, the wind up is that I did the manor quest, then was able to get back to Old Vizimia via the boat and do the Epilog chapter. Of course, none of the quests I did were completed, but at least I was able to get to the end of the game. I used the TWeditor to give me the rightfully won Raven armor, which came in handy.

        Thanks for reading.