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Save file for Chapter IV

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  • Save file for Chapter IV

    I was using Game Save Manager to backup my save files, but unfortunately the files for my game became corrupted and I couldn't restore them.

    Could anyone please send me a save file for Chapter IV? I had chosen all neutral options up to that point, left Alvin with Triss and savedVincent and Abigail. I don't really remember if there were other important choices. I was playing on hard as well. I know I completed quests in chapter IV, but I don't really remember which, so a save up to half way through the chapter should be fine.

    If anyone has a file like that, let me know, but any with different choices will work, really. I wanted to finish the game, but there's no way I'm playing through all that again.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi, I have couple of saves matching your choices (and on hard difficulty as well I believe) however without having Witcher 1 installed I can't tell how far in chapter IV. each save is so I'll link them all.


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      Thank you very much! I'll try them out when I get back home.