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[TW1] [mod] Full Combat Rebalance (FCR) version 1.6

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  • Originally posted by Monolith.903
    So what happened? I cannot find any download online anymore. MODdb, Nexus, all gone. I have a fresh Witcher 1 install just waiting for that mod.
    You can try this link http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/the-...-rebalance-1-6


    • Originally posted by tommy5761
      Thanks! Man, my Google-Fu is getting worse the older I get.


      • Hi, if I'm resurrecting an old thread I do apologize. I've just started playing the Witcher with fcr on the witcher difficulty and I'm enjoying it tremendously. I was wondering if I could get some build advice as I haven't played the vanilla game in ages and I'm unfamiliar with the new mechanics. I'm almost at the end of chapter 1 (fighting the salamandra on the bridge) and I'm finding it to be a breeze so far, albeit that as I'm a perfectionist I'm used to reloading dozens of times so reloading a handful of times is breezy for me

        I'm curious as to how effective the various signs are on witcher difficulty (I've heard yrden won't trigger on enemies with high dr) as well as whether I should invest talents into steel weapons as I'm finding human enemies to be relatively easy and I'm wondering if it would be better to invest in int, quen, igni and/or aard. Also, any general build advice would be much appreciated

        Thanks, T
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        • Hi,

          I'm playing with the FCR mod, and I don't manage to upgrade the power up version of sign properly.

          I already have igni level 4, but when I want to upgrade the power up version of the sign (attack from a distance), nothing happens, even if I have a bronze talent.
          I click on the talent, but nothing unlocks.

          Does anybody have the same problem?