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The first version of The Witcher plot was revealed

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  • The first version of The Witcher plot was revealed


    Polish website grynieznane got their hands on and published summary of the original script for The Witcher, which was first written by famous book writer Jacek Komuda with the help of Maciej Jurewicz (both gents worked together on the tabletop RPG Dzikie Pola), back when main protagonist supposed to be a witcher (or witcheress) created by the player, who, according to another article, was going to be another child of surprise found by Geralt years before the start of the Saga. I decided to translate that summary and share it with you here.

    Rience - a murderer and sorcerer, on behalf of The Order, with the help of hired thugs and assassins, attacks Witcher's Fortress - Kaer Morhen. The assault is repelled, however witcher's mentor and caregiver, Vesemir, is wounded during the fight, while Rience manages to get away with the witcher's magical recipes. It turns out that Vesemir was poisoned with priskirnik's acid, a breed of monsters which died out a long time ago. Protagonist travels to Vizima, Temeria's capital city, to meet a famous apothecary, a halfling named Rusty, the one person that might be able to prepare the antidote. While doing that, protagonist supposed to ask a local armorers about the mysterious weapon used by the attackers, which turns out to be an orion - a spiky throwing star.

    On the way to Vizima protagonist unexpectedly encounters corpses of the people slaughtered by the werewolf. After that he finds a notice posted by king Foltest, in which ruler offers a reward for slaying the beast. Protagonist tracks down the beast and kills it inside an old windmill. Suddenly it turns out it was a trap set for the witchers. Protagonist is saved in the last moment by famous White Wolf, otherwise known as Geralt of Rivia, who officially died during the pogrom in Rivia. Geralt asks him not to tell anyone that he met him (even the fellow witchers) and go to Vizima, where they are going to meet inside Old Narakort inn.

    In Vizima there is a plague spreading through the city, while at night it's terrorized by Striga and other creatures. The witcher finds a halfling who introduces himself as Rusty, who seems to be scared of witcher. Rusty asks him to get three ingredients needed to make the antidote. Witcher finds two of those by completing quests, the last one is a magical book, present at the king Foltest's court. Witcher goes to talk to the king, who doesn't know anything about the werewolf notice, which means that it was probably falsified. However he does provides him with a new tasks. First he asks him to kill the monsters infesting the old palace and after that to slay Striga who haunts Vizima at night. Everyone believes that this Striga is illegitimate daughter of Foltest and his sister, from whom witcher Geralt once lifted curse of. Witcher kills the beast, but it turns out the monstrosity wasn't Foltest's daughter. The actual princess has been captured by bandits. Witcher finds the place where the king's daughter was hidden, then kills the bandits, leaving only one alive. Survivor reveals to him that he was working for a man named Rience, a sorcerer with a claws replacing his fingers, the same one who attacked Kaer Morhen.

    After protagonist takes the book to Rusty, it's revealed that apothecary wasn't really the one who he claimed to be. He's a doppler, a changeling, harmless creature who took the form of Rusty, after he died due to hemorrhagic fever. "Rusty" is in troubles, so witcher can either help him, expose him or just kill him. If he helps him, the fake apothecary will make the antidote for him, If he kills the doppler, he may try to make the antidote himself or obtain it by completing another quest.

    When protagonist decides to question blacksmiths and armorers in Vizima about mysterious weapon, which was used to wound Vesemir, he receives an inconclusive informations. Craftsmen points out that weapon is from Nilfgaard, but they have no idea where exactly it could have been forged. Witcher checks if Geralt already arrived to the Old Narakort inn. Only after some time innkeeper reminds himself that rich looking lady came here recently, leaving a document behind. This document in question is letter from Geralt who writes that he had discovered that someone intentionally breeds monsters, including species that died or had been killed off a long time ago, like Sabretooth Werewolf, which protagonist killed in an old windmill. Geralt asks witcher to travel to Mayenna in Lower Sodden, where his friend awaits him, who will give him a password - "Ciri". This friend will help the witcher to discover who was behind the attack at the Kaer Morhen. But first he must save Vesemir.

    Protagonist returns to Kaer Morhen with the antidote for Vesemir. Vesemir tells him that magical books and potions were stolen from laboratory, the ingredients which once were used to create a new witchers. That means the bandits were not there to wipe out the remaining witchers, but to create a dictraction for Rience, who used it to steal books and ingredients from the laboratory. After Vesemir gets well, he sends witchers across the world to look for the informations about mysterious attackers. Protagonist travels to Mayenna to meet Geralt's friend. At the inn he encounters a mischievous old man who introduces himself as Julian Alfred Pankratz Viscount de Lettenhove. He asks protagonist to bring him ringlet of hair from the hut of the local witch. When witcher, not without troubles, finally obtains a ringlet of hair, he lifts the spell out of the old man, who turns out to be a famous bard Dandelion, who was cursed by the used and betrayed sorceress. He introduces himself as Geralt's messenger. Apparently Geralt was waiting here for the protagonist, but had to leave to deal with important matters. Dandelion claims that dwarves from the salt mine nearby will definitely know something about attackers mysterious weapon.

    Witcher accidentally come across a fortuneteller at the Mayenna's marketplace who tells him that he will find what he seeks nearby and that death awaits him under the rock. In the salt mine witcher meets dwarf Zoltan Chivay, who was forced to run away from Novigrad, because he was persecuted by Cult of Eternal Fire. He gives a witcher some tasks to do. After he completes those, Yarpen Zigrin arrives, who is currently a mine's subprefect. He informs protagonist that the orions were forged by certain gnome who was banished from Carbon for stealing. Now he works in Grottger's forge near Mayenna, which is owned by humans. After witcher returns to Mayenna, he learns that Dandelion left to hunt with the man carrying a sword, but who also looked knowledgeable. Witcher then travels to Grottger's forge, but it's warden denies any accusations. Protagonist finds orions inside the forge, which results in blacksmith's men attacking him. After the fight, he finds the gnome who reveals to him that he was forging orions and weapons for two shady individuals who payed with a real gold. Last transport left just a moment ago.

    Witcher manages to reach the transport and hide inside the cart. This way he gets inside The Rock castle, which belongs to Hieronymus Papebrock. After defeating guards, witcher gets inside a hall, where the feast of The Knights of The Flaming Rose takes place. Protagonist fights against them, then after winning the battle, he reaches a dark room, inside which Rience is interrogating captured Dandelion. He frees the poet, who then escapes, taking Rience mysterious necklace with him. Witcher then have to face Professor, who was the one who kidnapped Dandelion, a professional thug and murderer, as well as Rience, who uses his spells to turn witcher into jade statuette.

    Geralt then returns to Mayenna, where he meets freed Dandelion who tells him about everything that happened inside The Rock castle and gives him Rience's necklace. Geralt decides to save his friend. He recognizes necklace as the item from the ruins under Blaviken at the Arc Coast. From now on we play as Geralt for some time. Geralt travels to Verden, where he boards the ship which is going to take him to Pontar. Near the end of the journey he gets attacked by sea creatures. Witcher finally arrives to Blaviken, where he is known as The Butcher for slaughtering a gang of certain Renfri, since then he's not well liked in the town. Witcher finds the ruins, in which he discovers a corridor that leads him to the rocky cliffs over a seacoast. This way Geralt finds himself in a ship graveyard and then inside cave complex. There he discovers a hidden laboratory of doctor Witt Faustyn Schtetker, a sorcerer who runs a magical experiments for The Order of The Flaming Rose. Geralt kills him and takes back the statuette with the witcher inside, then he finds out that the books and potions, used to create witchers, were send to Grandmaster of The Order with the results. Geralt escapes from the laboratory through the portal.

    Geralt travels to Oxenfurt to meet sorceress Triss Merigold, who might be able to lift the spell out of the witcher. There he reunites with Dandelion who tells him that The Order in Oxenfurt and Hierarch's men in Novigrad started a witch hunt. Triss is held captive inside Inquisition dungeons of priest Vilmerius, awaiting a trial, after which she will be publically burned at stake as a witch. Terror spreads through the city and even nonhumans are being hunted. Geralt hides his identity, since he's the mutant and if anyone finds out about the witcher in the city, a death awaits him. Triss is under guard, Geralt may either try to save her or... just listen. By accident he finds out about conspiracy and saves young king of Redania, Radovid V, from The Order assassins. During the fight Geralt faces against a mutated assassin created by The Order to resemble witchers. In exchange for his help, Radovid's secret service helps Geralt to save Triss, while she's being taken to the main square of Oxenfurt for the public execution. Geralt frees the sorceress, then they escape together through the sewers to University.

    Saved Triss lifts the spell from the main protagonist. Geralt then teaches him a different tricks and witcher's signs, then he leaves, while saying that he will bring some help. Triss asks protagonist to retrieve documents, which will allow them to mobilize rulers of the North against The Order. It turns out those documents are held by Grandmaster ally, Rience, who is hiding inside mighty, fortified monastery in Rinde. Other witchers arrives to help protagonist. Together they attack monastery, seize it. kill Rience and retrieve the documents. Those reveal that The Order didn't just plan to assassinate king Radovid, but also remove king Foltest from power and put his illegitimate daughter on the throne, thus becoming independent from the other rulers of the North. When everyone will learn about this, Northern rulers will go to the war with The Order. Vesemir sends witcher to The Order's main fortress, to retrieve books and potions stolen from laboratory in Kaer Morhen.

    Witcher arrives to the Conferrada castle, main fortress of The Order. It turns out the castle is under siege by Redanian, Temerian and Aedirnian forces, as well as Mahakam Volunteer Army, which is lead by Yarpen Zigrin. The siege will last a half year at least. So protagonist completes some tasks for the provincial governor Denn Breven, who is leading the siege, and with his help he manages to sneak into the castle at night. Inside Conferrada witcher must face Knights of The Order, monsters and in the end a mutants created to resemble the witchers. The final fight takes place inside Donjon of Fire. Protagonist is suddenly teleported to the ice plains, where he meets Grandmaster of The Order of The Flaming Rose. Grandmaster offers him to join him, he explains that he wants to recreate Order of The Witchers, when it was the most powerful and influential. It's revealed that Grandmaster used to be witcher himself from Stygga. Grandmaster's death ends the illusion, protagonist is inside the donjon. After the final duel the game ends.

    That's all. Of course, since this is original draft only a lot of details are omitted, but that's the best we can count on. I hope you enjoyed reading that.