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Sorry to disappoint all you Spies fans, but it seems like atm Spies are 100% out of the game, no Spy game anymore, since it would break the game in multiplayer. They said it worked in TW3 because you were playing against the computer (a.i.), but when playing against other people Spies ruin the game.
Wo wo wo - we do still have spies in the game - we just limited the number of them in the game so not all factions and not all decks would HAVE to have them in order to play competitively.
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Humans regrouping after valiant fight. Servers not killed yet!

After a series of skirmishes and suffering some losses, server armies have managed to pierce human defenses and are advancing further down the Internets. We’ve contacted both the Server Unit Central Kommand and Humans, and asked for a comment.

Server Cluster said: “Puny humans have tried to overpower us, but failed” and then quickly added that “the decisive battle is yet to come on Tuesday.”

“Next time we meet, we plan on taking prisoners and overclocking them without using sufficient heat dispersal.”
“Maybe we’ll gather them in one place and ask to run below 60 FPS.”

Asked for a comment, a human representative stated humanity is preparing entirely new decks and factions.

“We’re preparing entirely new decks and factions.”
“Also, we’ll be attacking at different hours and recruiting new troops -- the servers must die!”

A GWENT technical stress test event, Kill the Servers! Round 2 is expected to start on September 27th at 8PM CEST and end at 12AM CEST.

Visit and grab your pitchfork now!
I will say one thing: they would avoid most of this negative comments if they said at he beginning: we are going to make an entirely new card game from Witcher universe with new mechanics cards etc. it wont be gwent but we hope you will enjoy it but they said we are going to make gwent but you all must agree its not gwent they changed the core of the game they left name and board thats what makes me upset.
Actually I do not agree - I'm one of the original creators of Gwent and I still believe what is cool about Gwent in W3 will be there in the stand alone version.
Making a stand alone game out of a mini game is not an easy task and just like there is a big progression from W2 to W3 we want to make that jump for Gwent.

What we are trying to achieve is to have a game that does not have helplessness build in the core of it - without card draw if you mulligan in to bad cards you will most likely loose with no way to counter that. I already explained why card draw cards are not the answer so we added systemic card draw to prevent that from happening.

Nothing is carved in stone - let us bring you the game with deckbuilding etc in closed beta.
Hey All,

Many thanks for expressing your concerns about the game - we really appreciate the feedback :) To address the issues at hand:

- Nothing is final we try new things and adapt we want to make Gwent great. The beta has not even started yet so please gives us your trust , we do what is best for the game.

- Spies in the W3 were ok because it was not meant to be played agains other ppl. There are two major benefits to Spies:
1. You get to draw X cards
2. You get to PASS the turn to the opponent. I have not seen any one discuss this but believe me this is more important than drawing cards - even if you give an X amount of points to the opponent it does not matter that much because the card advantage you get for making the opponent play 2 cards is huge. We have a best of 3 so it is even worse.
Having card draw mechanics in our testing made the game not fun for a longer time. Because if my deck had card draw and your deck did not you will lose regardless of the tactics you had. Gwent is a numbers game at the end, and making the opponent not only lose cards but also get cards for yourself was to much.
That also meant that to be able to play on a competitive level ALL drawing cards were auto-includes and again that is not fun in our opinion because that would mean there is very little variety in decks played.
- Wounding currently works in a way that if a unit reaches zero it is removed from the board.

There is room to make big and small changes to the game in closed BETA - we cannot do Gwent as it was in W3 because it would not work in a stand alone format in which PVP is one of the big pillars of the game.
If you mean for example something like my theories in the "hottest" threads here, then I'm sorry :sad2: and I will stop, but please answer me on one question (maybe even on PM, I will be silent like rock !), have You guys used some older game build for these tests ?
The purpose of the test is to check out the server infrastructure. Please pay no mind to the way the game is running - it was not our focus here.
One more important thing. We're really happy to see you're so eagerly discussing game details, but please refrain from discussing datamined stuff. First off, a lot may still change as a it's work in progress build. Secondly, we do not wish to reveal stuff that's not meant to be revealed at this moment. Please keep in mind that a lot of folks still like to be surprised with official announcements, so let's not ruin the fun for them, ok? Otherwise, feel free to share you screenshots and videos and discuss them freely. :)

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
IMPORTANT: Posting materials from Kill the Servers! GWENT stress test

Dear GWENT fans,

Our technical stress test, Kill the Servers!, is live and it seems it got you quite excited! Some of you missed the disclaimer we’ve placed in the game -- you know, the one about not posting materials from the game online.

Well, since there’s no better proof that you really want to experience GWENT with friends, from now on, please ignore that disclaimer. Share your experience if you wish, and do tell us what you think about the game on the forums and social media.

Thanks for helping us with the test and we hope you enjoy this brief pre-Closed Beta hands-on with GWENT.

So, to get access to that event I need to have code (released on Facebook and Twitter)....and what is the next step, can find this info what to do with that code?
Is this a code to use on and from there i will be able to download game?
The access to the test build will be obtained via the KTS website. We're going to add a special registration module to the site later today.
GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Server Stress Test

We’re cooking up a special event connected to the launch of the upcoming closed beta. It’s called Kill the Servers!, it’s taking place on September 23rd and 27th, and it will allow some of you to play GWENT even before the Closed Beta! We want to see how everything reacts to a lot of you joining the battlefield simultaneously. Once you blow out the fuses, and you probably will, we can fix things so the Closed Beta runs smooth when we launch on October 25th.

Long story short, we want to stress test the servers and we need your help to make that happen. Visit the website to learn more about the whole event!