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since gold talent is not a chargable attack like level 4 style, its a great extension to the style other attacks. it works perfectly because the only thing you need after initial 3 attacks is more damage. first 3 attacks inflict critical effects while fourth offers almost double damage from the 3rd one.
prepare white honey and raffard's decoctionfor knockdown drink willowswallow and tawny owl for standard regenwhen low hp drink raffardwhen toxicity is nearing 60 drink white honey and potions againwhen your butt is kicked you dont have to dance with javed, you arent glued to him. run up the stairs and wait for regen.burn him and whack upstairs and go in circles around the room. keep enough distance to charge level 4 strong style attack, hit and run again. rinse and repeat.
i'll wait with are just not used to the new difficulty. geralt has so many means of killing enemies and player has so many ways to manoeuvre, run, jump out of combat etc. you'll discover everything again or first time while playing it.i just got to the point where i'm seriously disappointed by current difficulty. drawing 1-2 enemies at a time provide little challange and its good. geralt should win in solo when he is on high level but there are some serious imbalances in game. i'm adding damage multipliers to enemies now. 2 garkains can easily bring me to low hp but i just discovered that the same resistant and strong garkains in ammount of 6 or more can be killed in few seconds with rambo-charge and group style!! group style deals less than 10 damage but precise hit just slaughter everything instantly. i have still a lot of work before me. game is very unballanced from beggining. wherever you look there is sick exploit.soon i'll change the whole mod naming. 1.5 will be 1.01.0 will be medium difficultypre 1.5 will be beta2.0 will be hard[size=16pt]first post updated and reorganised.2 new versions of the mod available[/size]
every flesh eater and blood drinker will regenerate after feasting on you.there are hundreds of ways to make a proper fighting with enemies in witcher. the game is so easy that you dont have to use 90% of geralt's true potential.let me list just a few of them against necrophages to illustrate wide range of possibilities:1) so, you attack strong enemies with strong swords style? take a few hits with fast style to inflict critical effect: pain, then continue with strong. pain reduces enemy defense and accuracy, you wont be hit that often. reapply pain after 1-2 full strong attack sequence2) you can kill enemies with just dot (damage over time) effects. ignite him, hit him with strong style and watch him bleed and burn. you dont have to melee him then3) use places of power and focus stones. increased sign strength saves life sometimes although i dont like aard because its overpowered and unbalanced4) necrophage oil works very well. you just dont seem to notice because you are being eaten alive :p. at low levels you are doing low damage so +100% dmg is hardly noticed. +100% from base 4 damage is nothing. +100% from 20 damage or higher is great. alghoul has 250 hp5) you are knocked down or stunned? starting from act 2 use black blood potion or willow potion starting from act 2, quen + yrden signs combination is underestimated. well developed yrden is a HUGE debuff to opponents7) starting from act 2, use quen before drinking potions8) once you start meleeing enemy you are not glued to him. dont hesitate to run a bit to regain health and energy. in game geralt is almost godlike, in books he faught monsters 1v19) while attacking with group style, face weakest enemy. you'll reach others with your sword but you wont be reached by stronger opponents10) be mobile on the battlefield. enemies have almost 100% chance to hit you from behind. avoid being surrounded, jump, run.
everything was already said about kaer morhen. at the time books end there's nothing known of possible witcher creation but game may explore unexplained parts of the story, like other witcher clans. they are mentioned but we dont know anything about them except that they existed. this leaves much freedom for fanfic and new game adventures and i bet that this is already used ingame spoiler:
outro. foltest assassin was a witcher. we dont know who, how, where, definitely not from kaer morhen. if not from wolf clan there are few other possibilities.
male elves are in woods fighting or in old visima ghetto. femaler dwarves are rare and precious to dwarves so they stay safe in mahakam mountains. i dont think they have facial hair, maybe few have some problems like human women game widow mentioned :p but its not a rule. "i dont think" because i dont remember any fragment about this issue in books
need files responsible for skill tree description

i found .luc files which might containt descriptions but its impossible to compile them from .luc to .lua due to an error. if someone can post these files or tell me how to recompile or edit them i'll greatly appreciate it.
negative effects:-lowers attack so you have hard time hitting enemies-lowers defense-lowers potion effect, f.e. swallow regen doesnt work as good as when you have 0 toxicity level, white raffard's decoction heal is minimal-vitality damage
in books there's is heavy swearing but much less of it and it perfectly suits the situation. in game the language is not the actual problem but how frequently you hear it. also when we think of a thug or even a dwarf archetype we imagine a coarse, direct man who wont abstain from using hard language. try to define the personality of each of those npcs. you'll expect them swearing but when you actually hear it, plain and uncensored, you are shocked. generally i dont have anything against swearing when its justified by the situation but when i hear someone swearing and i dont know the context it seriously hurts my ears. there must be a reason to swear. only a boor or unmature person will randomly throw curses. we should remember that we dont know the mood of those npcs or context of their discussions. its just a game so it limits us in this matter.i believe this disappointment is just an initial reaction when you first play through act 1 and visit act 2 slums. too many simple peasents and thugs in there. later you'll encounter higher social classes and dialogues will change radicaly.
Corylea said:
I also wondered why Geralt bit her on the neck and asked about it in this thread: Several people gave possible answers, though I didn't find any of them incredibly convincing. (Be careful, there are spoilers in that thread for the other short stories in The Last Wish.
i guess he knew he had very little time till he pass out due to blood loss so he deatl with her without thinking. there dont have to be a reason, he just did it and it worked. beside her mind was like an animal. she didnt recieve any proper study, she didnt know anything about culture, language. how an animal would react to bite in the neck? calm down?
Sparrowhawk said:
I was just surfing around to find Spanish copies of the Witcher books on sale and I found out that a new publisher has released some new editions in Spain. The publisher is Alamut. Anyway, the new edition of Last Wish in Spanish has some interesting cover art that show's their version of Geralt's face and I wanted to see what people thought. I kind of like it...looks a little older than in the game, and maybe a little more human (click to enlarge).
:-\ he looks like >40 y.o., nearing 50 maybe. too old for my taste and its definitely not Michal Żebrowski. i'm Polish and i can say only bad things about the witcher movie and tv series but at least Michal Żebrowski looked good in his role. his voice is also close to ingame Polish geralt voice-over.sean connery? he might be a good vesemir with long white hair. remember connery from highlander 1 movie?


i asked Red on Polish section about scabbards few days ago. i asked if they could make geralt armor with scabbard models accessible. so far there's one Red reply that these models are few iterations older geralt models and for the moment they dont have proper files to make them public. at the end of the post there's usual "this (scabbards) can be done again, the other way around without editing geralt models". i asked about details but no reply yet and i'm afraid the topic will die like other scabbard idea was to do this nightmarish job i described:
flashintheflesh said:
i hope you understand what it will take to make scabbards for all swords. for a modder its a nightmare! -first you obviously have to make scabbard models and textures-incorporate scabbard to armor model because its not a seperate part of the modelthis means dozens and dozens of combinations. 5 armors, 14 sword models = 70 armor models, this means 70x geralt with armor models-deal with clipping issues-make a script which auto-change geralt model, every time he change a sword.-change god knows how many files in game responsible for geralt model in cutscenes and multiply it by number of models with scabbards.
i hope you guys and gals can also make a pressure on Reds in this matter. in neverwinter nights, bioware when asked about some features kept repeating that its impossible to implement and few months later community done it. i can work on this issue but i need something to begin with, i'm not experienced enough to start from the scratch. i need an example to follow.
to defeat fleders in early act 2 buy The Book of the Golden Oriole (scroll) from thaler and make black blood potions. any blood drinker or flesh eater will suffer from this potion.remember: the game is never too hard. when amnesiac witcher is too low level to defeat particular monster, look for proper potion and soon as you gain silver talents i advise to run for knockdown and stun resistances.