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New Year in 12 hours here :) Sadly I won't be able to go out and watch fireworks - I am a bit ill :(Still I've got an idea - let's everybody make a photo with fireworks, I'll ask family to do some for me - we will be able to watch fireworks all together :) How do You think?And remember to put some dry grass in SW corner of the room and coins in E :) It isn't a Polish tradition, a Lithuanian one I believe :) A Polish one I think is only a toast made with some noble tipple. Like mead, tokaji, champaign or wine even. I wouldn't recommend a beer :pSo - I'll make a toast in mead for You dear friends and hope my cats won't eat the grass I put here :p I don't think they'll find interest in Litai and Centu I put in other corner :) ( more realistic with Lithuanian coins :] )
Improve Your Igni and hit them with distance attack.You can also easily burn them with a torch (yes, a torch)or strong silver, Igni normal and potions (swallow for sure). Still I prefer distance Igni :)
I am a wave, a gentle sound,You may not hear me, when I am around.I send messages, that one can hear,I don't need a password, just You to be near.If You still don't know what I am,Look on the forum - I'm part of one nickname...;)
s3ph1r0th said:
*spoiler!*store your silver sword before you talk to the lady of the lake to get the Aerondlight with bonus upgrades!!(the gift she promised you)
Or sell - You won't have occasion to do it later. Still at this moment You should have much enough cash to do everything... So storing a sword has only point when You want to collect swords :)
yes, i tried to enable binding of rest action but unfortunately it doesn't work. the only way i can think of to enable rest now is by adding rest action to item but it's not what i intend to do in this mod. this mod is about rebalancing the game, making it harder, more realistic, bugfree and better by adding new features. all of this possibly close to sapkowski's from items would be awkward and unrealisticmods you suggest are compatible with my mod so there's no need to include them in one rar archive. everyone who likes them can use them along with difficulty mod with no rest is also compatible if it works at all in ER. i'm always enemy of cheating and unbalance so if it doesn't work i leave fixing it to others.
eee... And what is the problem exactly?To hard opponents and You die? Try lower Your difficult levelsomething stuck? where?You can't find something? what is it?C'mon, we can't help if we don't know where is the problem :)
Why don't You just try every dialogue option there is?You need to meet that mysterious manTalk about silver sword with Thalarand talk with Jethro after giving him some fisstech
another thing, the "in-game tips" DLGs are there just to support the item modifications or what ?
text changes include new item descriptions to fit their new statistics, bestiary updates to fit monster immunities, resistances and vulnerabilities, detailed and fixed talents descriptions. original talents and swords descritpions are full of bugs
my mistake. one version is with original hela's head model, other is with ER head model.
it's only Carmen hair color. the difference is only visual one. case of aesthetics and personal taste. some people prefer old head model, others like new model.i'll check files on witchervault at morning. all versions of the mod on my hdd have the same "hela_q1_1.utc" file in all_in_one and standalone folders. maybe i sent by mistake mods with this "feature" to witchervault.
other differences:line 9 in file scripts/item_abl.lua:
it_witcharm_001 is witcher shirt -> geralt without armor. i assumed nobody will run without an armor but then one mod user (forgot the name, sorry) found this out so i've added armor multiplier to avoid possible exploits. basically without multiplier shirt provides better protection then armors.thanks for reporting it. worst scenario when i fix something but forget to replace all old files in the mod :whatthe:
@bigesthese icons looks nice. i'll try to contact onionradish to be sure he has nothing against using his work.@licaon_kterwill doi'm currently working on 5 projects:-complete combat mechanics description (which i already posted on Polish section, now i need to update it with new info)-complete combat rebalance mod making the game more realistic (changing character development, items, geralt's and enemies statistics, new talents as a replacement)-new version of 1.0x, 2.0x, 3.0x mods-working in ifrit team-fallout 3 combat rebalance mod :plot of work, don't know when it'll finish. quality is most important
also, some files like hela_q1_1.utc, have different versions in the all_in_one version than in the standalone version, any reason for that ?
my mistake. one version is with original hela's head model, other is with ER head model.
There is no way to get one now (unless You sold it once to a Kalkstein - maybe he still has some, but I am not sure).Still Barghest's skull isn't needed to finish the quest and get the reward (sword)