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    Would you like CP 2077 to have modding support?

    I would enjoy being able to mod this game. To be able to apply my own textures or even create clothing items that may not be available. a big YES for modding!
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    Weekly Poll 4/1/19 - Shoes!

    You're kidding, right? My name says it all. :shrug: I dunno...
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    Weekly Poll 3/11/19 - Boss Fights.

    I went with 4,5 and 6. As long as I don't have to do something like that Kayran fight in TW2 and kept hearing 'Use the Yrden! use the Yrden!, I'm pretty much good with boss fights. Side note, I have not used the 'Yrden' sign since, even in TW3. Just sayin... After taking care of Mr./Mrs...
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    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    I just saw something interesting for all of us using Win 7 / 64 Ultimate. Microsoft (apparently) has announced that Win 7 / 64 will now be able to use DX12 for games. My understanding was that Win 7 simply was not able to use DX12. I'm not clear on all the information just yet, but for a game...
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    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    Well said, god forbid that a console would ever be more powerful then a PC. :)
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    THE Release Date Speculation thread.

    With all the nonsense going on with the gaming industry right now, I'd guess that CDPR is going to make sure that this game works as it should on release. Any new game is going to have bugs, that is to be expected. I for one an willing to wait for CDPR to polish this game. I'm not even sure that...
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    Should CP:2077 Have Updates/DLC and or Crossovers?

    Yeah, there's always gotta be one out there, right? :) LOL!
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    Should CP:2077 Have Updates/DLC and or Crossovers?

    Updates, of course. The evil bugs always show up. Free expansions / DLC, sure but I would also pay the bucks for some DLC that expand or add to the story much like in TW3. Crossovers? I'm not to crazy about that one, should I see Geralt walking down a street looking confused, that would be worth...
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    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    Really good info, Thanks! The only reason I was thinking about upgrading memory to 32GB was for rendering purposes for modeling. You are quite right, I just need to upgrade the system but at the moment, it's a matter of having the money to do so and I don't. What I may do is just save up and buy...
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    Are you doing your CYBERPUNK READING homework, kids?

    No home work here, I still don't know what cyber punk really is. I'll just let the game teach me. How about that?
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    Weekly Poll 2/25/19 - Improvements from Witcher 3

    I only picked 1 and 5. I'd like to see a category where your character had access to all clothing options in the game, even what the NPC's are wearing. TW3 was awesome, but at times I wished I had access to some of the peasant clothing or commoner clothing, but you could not do that other then...
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    The Library (or 'Now reading...')

    Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey . An old favorite and no movie has been made about this story.
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    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    I just hope this will be compatible with Win 7 64 Ultimate. My system is outdated, five years old but it is just going to have to do for now. I build my own systems and do not buy off the shelf. Still running a Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti, AMD FX 8350 / 8 core @4.2 Ghz on an ASUS Crosshair V...
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    What is your take on the gaming industry?

    Excellent topic. There was a time that games held some excitement for me. That was when games actually had a story that sucked you in, may have had DLC's that extended the story. There was a time that you played the game again later on. There was very little of anything 'on-line' but some had...
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    What gender are you going to play as?

    I always play as a male. The exception being one character I created in the Division. Other three slots are male and she is now the highest ranked (290) out of the group of four, can't figure that one out. I can't seem to get the others (male) over 280. Anyway, yep, I'll play as a male. o_O