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    two trophy bugs

    You have to kill the guy who shoots the arrows with his own arrow, not just reflect it.
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    two trophy bugs

    Both were bugged for me too! Wild Rose Dethroned unlocked for me because I started a new game "only Hearts of Stone" to test if it would work and it did work... After I got the trophy I continued with my normal save... The Ofieri gear trophy still doesn't work, I heard that we need more gear for...
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Just finished the game... I hope they fix this until they release the real dlc's.
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    [ps4] Many bugs (quests and graphic)

    I don't understand italian but I finished most of the quests without any problems. I would like to help, but I don't understand the mission status... The graphic bugs are pretty normal, I have encountered them too.
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    Tired of waiting for a fix, need REFUND!!!

    If the product is broken, you can return anything. I mean if we can do this in Switzerland than you guys in Sweden can do it for sure :D
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    User-Feedback for TW3 (Please take a look CDPR)

    User-Feedback for TW3 (Please take a look CDPR) I started a discussion on reddit, where people posted their feedback for The Witcher 3, there are over 200 comments right now and I wanted to share it here on the official forum, so people can join the discussion and I really hope that CDPR takes...
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Finally an official statement! And good to hear an apology for being silent!
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    That's how you lose customers CDPR... I'm not gonna pirate any games but I won't buy any CDPR games in the future. After they released the game, they stopped communicating with the players, I really thought they were different and honest but as it turns out you can't trust anyone who is trying...
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    Why do you need to justify your decision? I don't care if you build a pc for gaming, this has nothing to do with this topic. And if it weren't for PS4 and XONE you wouldn't have Witcher 3 like it is today. It's the job of the developers to create a game that can run fluid on a system and they...
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    PS4 fan unacceptably loud

    Is your PS4 vertical or horizontal?
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    I totally agree, I feel betrayed by CDPR and all the reviewers who didn't mention the obvious framerate issues! They have sold 4 million copies, 1.3 was sold on PC so the rest is probably 1.8 on PS4 and 0.9 on XONE, so they are making the most money out of PS4 sales and they deliver such a...
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    Something wrong with total playtime?

    Of course it doesn't matter but it's an embarrassing bug, they couldn't even get a timer right...
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    Marcin Momot does not respond on twitter/forum/email

    Yeah, he never responded to my tweets either... I feel ripped off by CDPR, the PS4 version is terrible and shouldn't have been released like this! It's a shame and CDPR should be ashamed for screwing us over! But that's how you lose customers, this was my first game from CDPR and probably the...
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    As I believe they said "they are looking into it"... (Whatever that means). Or do you have a link to the tweet?
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    I guess some people really don't notice the difference... But here is a video that proves the framerate drops: You can clearly notice the framedrops in the video.