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    So, is the framerate better with 1.05?

    why did it take so long to come out then.
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    nameless quest problem

    im stuck on this quest, I did everything that I can do, all the check marks are checked off, and it has not disappeared and there is no where else to go.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    The version 1.01 was fine, and even 1.02 was fine as well. the framerate issues didnt start until 1.03
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    why are consoles so far behind PC on patches?

    why are consoles so far behind PC on patches? why are consoles so far behind PC on patches? Don't we get the same patches? Or will PC get way more patches than the console version of the game?
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    PS4 option to lower resolution for a 30fps cap?

    720 isn't that big of a difference from 1080 if your TV is 50 inches or less and you are sitting 10 ft away from it. 900p from 1080p is nothing. They need to start giving the console the PC options to get better frame rates that would solve everything. If sony wants 1080 that that is fine but...
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    They should just give console owners like on PC the option to tweet things to get better FPS. Like let us play at 900p or 720p, that would probably solve the issue.
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    Whilst this game has set the bar XP is far too easy....

    Its a catch 22 because they want to make the leveling balanced for people who don't want to do all the side stuff and just do the main quest. The best way to fix this is IMO have the main level quest scale to your level that way you can never out level them and have them turn gray. That way...
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    Why is Novigrad so empty?

    Skyrim easily could have made that city 66% bigger and added tons of generic NPCs that don't do anything and tons of houses you cant go in but that would take you out of the game. Skyrim's way is much better. And hell in Morrowwind the first ES game they had giant cities and you could still go...
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    "Get Junior" Main Quest Broken PS4

    If you use your witcher sense, it should let you turn the torch and not ignite the torch. The same thing happened to me, I had to mess with it for 5 minutes before the hidden door opened. As for your 2nd part what? The hidden door opens when you turn the torch.
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    "Get Junior" Main Quest Broken PS4

    pretty sure you have to turn that candle thing on the right. You turn the candle and the door opens.
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    Who is waiting for patch 1.05 to ACTUALLY fix the FPS drops before they start playing again?

    i rarely ever see any frame rate drops and I'm 120 hours into the game.
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    Patch ps4 1.04 downgrade...

    I thought it looks better now than it did before.
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    How do you fight higher level monsters? Here's a video I recorded during my gameplay. :)

    Because while its possible to beat a higher level mob being much loser, it will take like 10-15 minutes to beat it, where it should only take 1-3 if you were at the current level.
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    How do you fight higher level monsters? Here's a video I recorded during my gameplay. :)

    Its not a smart idea to try to kill way higher level mobs than you since the item level of the drops will scale to your level not the mobs, so you are getting screwed in the gear that will drop