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    Alp Blood Moon

    The new Monster Card "Alp" has a condition called "when under Blood Moon". What does that mean? What is a Blood Moon (in Gwent)? Edit: Ok, i found it. It's the Effect cast by the Crimson Curse Card. Sorry for the useless post. I would delete it, but i can't.
  2. CrimsonJupiter

    Malena and the move archetype

    Set Malenas Cooldown to 1 instead of 2. With a cooldown of 2 she never lives long enough to use her ability more than once. At least in my experience.
  3. CrimsonJupiter

    Faction Leader Challenge Step 5 Progress Not Updating

    I am stuck at 3 / 140 permanently. Nothing counts anymore.
  4. CrimsonJupiter

    Faction Leader Challenge Step 5 Progress Not Updating

    I just played a match for the 5th stage of the current Leader Challenge (supporting Queen Meve in my case) where it counted ZERO!!! Cards in a game where i boosted the hell out of every possible card! At first i thought it was just the wrong description where it says you need to play Cards that...
  5. CrimsonJupiter

    Deck counter shows wrong number of remaining cards

    Please take a look at the screenshot attached. It was taken from a recent Seasonal Match. My opponent had just played one of the witcher cards that drag the other two of the set from the deck to the battlefield (Eskel, Vesemir, Lambert). I then destroyed the 3 cards with Arachas Venom. The...
  6. CrimsonJupiter

    Showing hand limit useless?

    With the latest patch it now shows not only the remaining number of cards in hand, but also the total. I don't understand why this is an improvement. You can never have more or less than 10 cards total for your hand, or am i missing something here?
  7. CrimsonJupiter

    Option to remove counter from reward book please

    Now that we have the counter for Reward Points with the other counters in the top right corner, shouldn't it be removed from the Reward Book Icon? I know this is probably just my OCD speaking :) I just find it irritating to have redundant information on screen.
  8. CrimsonJupiter

    Question about She-Bear Deathwish

    Can someone please explain to me how the She-Bear Deathwish works. I destroyed my opponents bear several times but didn't draw a card. Isn't that supposed to happen or how does that work?
  9. CrimsonJupiter

    Is Coral useless?

    I like the artowrk for Coral and i love the voiceover, but whenever i try to integrate her into my Skellige Deck it just doesn't work out. Dealing damage for discarding cards is not easy to work with in the first place. It only working for special cards even more so. And on top of that it's an...
  10. CrimsonJupiter

    Ithlinne Aegli Voice Over Fail :)

    Ah ok, didn't know that. But still it sounds strange to me, delivering the line in such a grave voice. But i guess it's just me :)
  11. CrimsonJupiter

    Ithlinne Aegli Voice Over Fail :)

    The Voice Over for Ithlinne Aegli says something like "When winter comes don't eat the yellow snow" in a dead serious voice when you play the card. I bet this was not intended :D
  12. CrimsonJupiter

    No milling of premium spare cards?!?

    You're right! Thank You! I could mill them now! Seems to only affect premium cards,
  13. CrimsonJupiter

    No milling of premium spare cards?!?

    This is exactly the problem! I expected the Mill Spare Cards Button to be active, after i got back to the Deck Building Screen, but it wasn't! Clicking gave me the message that there is nothing to mill. So i guess this IS a bug. I will write to support.
  14. CrimsonJupiter

    No milling of premium spare cards?!?

    So you're saying this is not intended? Also the support item you linked is about a different matter. I DID get the items i purchased. It's what happened afterwards that i have a problem with.
  15. CrimsonJupiter

    No milling of premium spare cards?!?

    I just bought 2 premium kegs and was shocked to notice that the premium cards in the keg that i already owned where simply discarded. No ability of milling them or any other compensation. This was the last premium kegs i ever buy!