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    Hotfix 1.06 on the way (changelog inside)

    So when is the next patch for ps4 coming out? Its been eons.
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    Hotfix 1.06 on the way (changelog inside)

    Yeah all the people complaining about the issue on this forum must have broken ps4's also.
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    Playstation 4 Framerate topic

    I doubt it will ever get fixed. I have been in this situation a few times with other games over the years and an optimization patch never came(or one did but it didnt help very much).
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    Hotfix 1.06 on the way (changelog inside)

    If you were talking to me(???) I was talking about the hotfix...which fixes a small amount of bugs...which are designed like that so it can be released quicker than a patch to fix important issues. Yet its been a week to release a hotfix that only fixes like 5 bugs.
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    Hotfix 1.06 on the way (changelog inside)

    I thought hotfixes were suppose to be fast small updates....its been a week and it hasnt released.(unless console players arent getting it?)
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    General performance issues since 1.04

    Pop in is way worse. When i went to the Novigrad blacksmith i had to stand there and wait 30 seconds for his head and torso to load in.
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    Mutagen Bug

    Bug is still present in patch 1.04 =/ Seems Sign intensity runes on my weapons arent working either.(and yes i had my weapon in hand when i tested)
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    Would you want 900p option on PS4?

    I doubt 900p would stabilize the framerate much, there is obviously more going on. FIre,fog, rain etc are extremely unoptimized .
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    Addressing the no XP Glitch

    This makes me the ps4 1.04 patch coming out this week? I want to continue playing.
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    Addressing the no XP Glitch

    Any word on the patch coming to consoles this week? Or is it next week?(probably next week with my luck)
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    Huge stat bug. Mutagens % fluctuates (usually decreasing)

    If you load a save or fast travel the mutagen bonus goes away. I hope this next patch fixes this bug cause reapplying my mutagens over and over is getting old fast.
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    CDPR - you need to release the XP hotfix today

    Being a console peasant and all i doubt we will get a patch this week.(no fixing the issue either with cheats/commands)
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    Signs doing double damage while unarmed

    Signs doing double damage while unarmed Everything dies twice as fast with igni when i put away my this intended or a bug?
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    Some of the changes coming in the next patch (1.04/1.05)

    What about the mutagen that fixed this patch? Please say it is...reapplying mutagens 50 times a play session is getting on my nerves.