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    Deck Builder: Premium Card Deck in just one click.

    Can we have a button to click to change all card into premium one if you owned them at the deck builder?
  2. KDean11

    Leader Challenge: the Crimson Curse edition!

    Hi love this event but I have one suggestion. I wish we can play any leader of the winning faction. Just saying, will be playing crimson curse leader for the event then after will be playing the same leader just to benefit the exp boost reward.
  3. KDean11

    Berserk does not trigger when played from hand at 1 power (because of Shilard)

    Shilard set DB power to 1, i was able to play it. Berserk ability didn't work even though it was not locked (unable to meet the berserk requirement).
  4. KDean11

    Game Out of Sync = Forfeit

    Love the first expansion, love Gwent! Really having fun with all the new cards and leader. But having some issue since the update. Always getting this error that my game is out of sync with the server. I had it 5 in a row now.
  5. KDean11

    It’s the Season of Love!

    Spending more time doesn’t matter you still have to rank up. Regardless of the time you play you still have to win. What this mean is you can now play a new deck near the end of a season with the fear of ranking down.
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    2 rows instead of 3. Homecoming. [POLL]

    Removing 3rd row at it is, is really bad. But people needs to understand they are overhauling the whole game, lowering value of bronze card, removing silvers, etc. I reserve all judgement after I play it.
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    How to change faction

    How to change faction So sciotael vs nilf. I choose without thinking sciotael. But then realized i already got the title and border for scioteal, i would like to change my faction. How?
  8. KDean11

    Rematch Button

    Rematch Option after a match. Here's a suggestion in Rank Game, but can also be applicable in Casual. Both players should agree first on a rematch and you can have only 1 rematch so no one can exploit it.
  9. KDean11

    Make Pro Ladder same format as Gwent Tournament

    Make Pro Ladder same format as Gwent Tournament Remove faction MMR completely then make match race to 3 like Gwent tournament format. Each player brings 4 decks with different factions and opponent can ban one.
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    Full moon / alpha werewolf bug

    Full Moon Bug I was playing against a nilf slave driver deck, opponent use sd to play a alpha werewolf, I also had a alpha werewolf on board. Next turn i played a boon full moon on my board but wolf appeared on his alpha werewolf but not mine. Also i got a photo, but i can't uplaod it. it says...
  11. KDean11

    Emhyr Steals the Opponent's Card

    Venendal Elite Bug? Got 2 of my Gold stolen. I am using Foltests Deck vs an Emyr Revel just now. He revealed my Shanni at Dj in round 1 he used Venendal Elite to Shanni, Then it transferred to his hand. At first, I don't know what happened. Surprisingly he played another Venendal Elite in round...
  12. KDean11

    QUESTS do not take into account forfeits and\or disconnects

    Issue with Daily Quest First of all, in contrary to others disliking daily rewards, I love it. More way to earn for kegs is always welcome. It forces me to play a faction I rarely play and I think it's fun. My issue is I am not getting rewarded a win if my opponent forfeits (or was...
  13. KDean11

    Do i get the Unique avatar?

    So i have to end the season within 1000? Guess so i drop to 989 without playing a game maybe others ranking up. Anyway thanks. Any news when will season ends? I thought season ends on Dec but until now there is no official date.
  14. KDean11

    Do i get the Unique avatar?

    Do i get the Unique avatar? I am currently 4,405 MMR and positioned #985 Globally. Will I get the unique avatar reward for ranking 1-1000? When I check rewards tab it is still in the rank 20. I wanna know will I get it or I should rank up 21 in order to get it.
  15. KDean11

    Twitch Drops arrive to GWENT!

    done. Thanks. I don't know why are people mad of twitch drops. Excited to watch gwent challenger.