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    One of my Varys's little birds claimed that we will get to see something after June 9th (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)
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    Informacje o Cyberpunk 2020 od twórcy systemu — Mike’a Pondsmitha

    Jak Pan ocenia pobyty w Polsce pod względem turystycznym, jak wypada Polska w porównaniu do reszty świata?
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    CURRENT Developer Answers to your CP 2077 Questions

    Actually that's amazing, one of the strongest aspects of Witcher 3 was its side quests. You're learning from the past and plan to improve your strenght even more. Much respect dudes & girlz. Here's the question: In case of single components of gameplay, like draving, climbing walls, hacking...
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    THE Release Date Speculation thread.

    For our luck Cyberpunk 2077 won't get release in 2021. I'm 100% sure of it because that would be stupid giving new consoles
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    THE Release Date Speculation thread.

    My heart, Cupid and leeks are telling me 2019 will be year Cyberpunk releases. Other people and my pessimistic brain are telling me Cyberpunk will be released in 2020. For sure they won't release Cyberpunk in 2020 purely to tribute original IP. If they release this year it should be because of...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 - Dyskusja ogólna

    Wiem, że stary komentarz, ale mnie temat zainteresował. W mojej opinii dobrym rozwiązaniem na początek byłoby ograniczenie niektórych romansów pod względem wyborów w grze, lub aktualnie posiadanego street credu.
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    What is your biggest fear regarding CP2077

    Oh boi oh boi, if there're still many things you would want to talk about, even after nearly 50 minutes gameplay demo... This game will be HUGE.
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ Ban for reminding me that our Papa Vesemir died...
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ ban for stealing
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    GWENT: Ask a Dev Discussion Thread

    Why didn't you make Collectors edition a thing with Thronebreaker premiere? It's sad that some famous people got Press Kit & we're left with digital stuff + without puzzles. I want freaking puzzles man
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    Pytania do twórców GWINTA

    Czy po zresetowaniu wszystkich kart i otrzymaniu zwrotu w fragmentach, pyle i beczkach otrzymamy podstawowe (niezaawansowane) decki do wszystkich frakcji, tak jak ma to miejsce gdy założymy nowe konto?
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    It's 2018, WTH with lynx avatars - ^ Ban
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ Ban for unoriginal reason to ban
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    Witcher series for Netflix confirmed!

    I don't really care anymore about skin color, just have some hope that they understand who's the real victim of racism in Witcher world (I mean racism by being different than humans, no skin color). But I agree, Yen is terrible choice in case of look. I know that Yen modified her look cuz irl...
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    Why the person above you should be banned

    ^ Ban for this terrible nickname, Jesus Christ. I cannot read it without losing all of my dignity