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    About Pre-Ordering and Purchasing

    I don't care how much it will cost but expect $60-$70 on base game
  2. SavageMen

    THE Release Date Speculation thread.

    I hope this game to be released within mid-June
  3. SavageMen

    Platform Discussion Thread

    Always PC. I don't prefer consoles which look inconvenient in aspect of playing games to me..
  4. SavageMen

    V's Voice

    Yes, but it couldn't have.. it seems that they had no plan of adding a voice actress (or actor) to the game anymore.
  5. SavageMen

    What will the system requirements be? Lets discuss!

    I hope GTX1060 3gb can handle this game on Ultra Setting, and will be satisfied as long as I get around 30fps
  6. SavageMen

    Automatic finisher doesn't work

    I tried nothing since I posted it, but It begins to work again without a reason, so I can see the kill moves often. Anyway thanks for replies.
  7. SavageMen

    The sheer scale of Night City

    That V's apartment looks nice. Hope this game will have many contents able to interact with a player character. Whatever the story is, I still value the player freedom when playing RPG.
  8. SavageMen

    Automatic finisher doesn't work

    No. I'm very satisfied without any mods & Reshade, so only have been playing it on vanilla. All free DLCs (alternative looks etc) are activated.
  9. SavageMen

    Automatic finisher doesn't work

    It's always been turned-on.. suddenly I couldn't see it anymore... such a malfunction is unable to affect me playing this great game but the kill move was so cool to give up. I didn't touch anything on game play option since buying it. And tutorial or info messages sometimes appears although I...
  10. SavageMen

    FPP/TPP Perspective Thread OPEN. Be NICE.

    The best I wanted it to be is TPP in dialogue with NPCs, and FPP in other things except for that like I do in FO4. Though, CP77 looks like only FPP in most situations, which makes me feel a bit stuffy. So be it.
  11. SavageMen

    What is your biggest fear regarding CP2077

    Multiplayer mode they may add into the game after release.
  12. SavageMen

    Automatic finisher doesn't work

    Automatic finisher in the option is like the Kill Move of Skyrim ? I checked it was turned on. It suddenly never appears in combat no matter how many times I kill an enemies.
  13. SavageMen

    Ability to customize/modify your home?

    Yeah. FO4 workshop system is the best example of building house function. I wonder how such a function will work in CDPR game.
  14. SavageMen

    The Death March difficulty achievement

    Walked the Path achievement. I always played TW3 on Story and Sword which is suitable for me. Can I get the achievement if I change the difficulty to death march in the middle of progress ?