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    Accidental kills with monowire are annoying.

    Yeah i wouldnt depict Monowire as being solely used for Ram Recoup. You can do insane damage with them with the right Cyberdeck and equipment. But accidental kills are a thing when swinging around. The strong attack is not so splashy and more aimed (plus you can upload a quickhack with it)...
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    The blackwall hack is too weak.

    I would only use it with smart machine guns for the upload speed.
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    Phantom Liberty was not tested in Very Hard

    I also can only talk about Quickhacks but with these i also oneshot everything to a point were the game feels too easy (on very hard). I did that on my first char and on my second it became worse when i had Quickhack damage on every piece of cyberware.
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    Cyberware Capacity and locking tiers to level

    I did find a couple of shards in the late game (after 60). And i am now at 329 with all perksn stuff. It just takes time. I was frustrated midgame too.
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    Carrying the canto early in the game yields interesting results

    I can see some use with Smart Machine Guns, because of the extremely quick upload speed. But yeah i wasnt overwhelmed aswell.
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    [2.0] Is iconic cyberware even worth using?

    I got over the cap of 320 after having hit 60 and with edgerunner and all perks activated. Sitting at 329 and found a few shards (after a looong time) in the last 2 hours. Thats alot of armor btw. Not sure what weapon you are using but i guess 20 Tech 15 Reflexes would have been better.
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    [bug] Cyberware capacity shard drop rate seems bugged

    I also had issues finding them between lvl ~30-60. I farmed the Dogtown Bosses but they wouldnt drop them and ingame i also didnt find as much as i was used to. Now i am 60 and i did suddenly find 3 of them during the freeing Saul mission and did find others as my capacitiy is now 329 with...
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    Netrunning in 2.0 is still amazing

    But that is a questionable approach to the game in itself. I doubt many play it like this- its essentially speedrunning. And by asking to have your playstyle working 100% in such an early phase of the character progression you pretty much want the game to be dumbed down for those who dont...
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    Why did you kill stealth netrunning?

    Man, if lvl 18 out of 60 was considered endgame and the game would have been balanced around that, do you know how big the shitstorm would be? This already high level of whining about the netrunning changes would be nothing against it. What you describe sounds more like an any% speedrun than...
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    Eddies feel worthless.

    There is a mod that introduces an insurance model which sets you back to a ripperdock when you die and you have to pay insurance fees. But yeah at some point money becomes irrelevant. Thats pretty much when the run ends. Or you bath in your opness a little longer.
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    Nomad prologue car chase needs to be reworked

    On my first run the heist car chase was next to unwinable so i had to go from very hard to hard. On my second run i did it no problem on very hard. I assume that my gun still had the silencer i put on during Konpeki so i did shit damage in the first run. Also i allways forget i can also hack the...
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    Very hard is very satisfying... but 2nd time I get stuck (Killing Moon)

    Just did it with my Monowire Lady and it was easier than thought . second heart didnt procc this time. But in my second run my Cyberware is minmaxed alot better. I just stay at the tower and let all assault guys come to me and the others get reboot optics so they dont hit me so often. And then...
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    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    My Lady was shopping new Chrome!
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    Why did you have to ruin Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5????

    I am playing Militech and it is now so overly busted. The monowire damage perks you get are so plentiful (35% Militech per Ram spent, 60% Militech when in overload, 15% Cripple movement, up to 8 times +15% iconic cyberware malfunction on bosses applied with one cast and a few Monowire...
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    Why did you have to ruin Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5????

    And thats what people are complaining about when referring to stealth netrunning is now non-functional- you kiddin me? I mean i can understand that its a bit clunky in the early levels but what build isnt in the beginning?
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    Why did you have to ruin Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5????

    But thats still easily possible with cameras and the Overload Synapse loop - ok not a single click.
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    Why did you have to ruin Tetratronic Rippler Mk.5????

    Melee Netrunning is totally possible though i would probably go Monowire. You just have to slap Reboot Optiks on everyone beforehand. That is probably the biggest damage mitigation apart from Beserk invul that you can have. I am playing 99% Monowire and after lvl 30 like so many playstyles have...
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    How do you actually do damage in this game?

    Dunno about pistols but i have done pure netrunner (killing with Synapse loop), smart-smg netrunner (killing mostly with Warden) and monowire netrunner (using 90% melee against debuffed enemies) and from lvl 30 on they all feel super overpowered (very hard). The synapse loop feels the most busted
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    Cyberware upgrading is wacky

    When i want a new set of options i upgrade a white cyberware and next run i buy alot of them when they are there. The system is indeed wacky.
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    Nearby Enemies

    My monwires have a huge melee range though. But whatever have to test it out anyways.
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