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  1. Ribboz

    Ivy Newman is mother of Anthony Harris?

    At the end of Harris's Third braindance dream you can see this mystery woman. Yeah maybe it's a bug. But it would be a super neat and creepy addition if it was his mother. We see her silhouette in the second braindance. So it's not totally impossible that this is his mother. What do you all...
  2. Ribboz

    How to Fix The Police: TRAUMA TEAM

    The police are suppose to be corrupt. If you fire a gun. No one cares. If you kill a random person, no one cares. But you shoot someone with a trauma team package and they send in the troops! Ok so right now the police system is terrible. If you shoot a gun just to test it out, police come...
  3. Ribboz

    Everything Disappears and Reappears

    Buildings and objects everywhere disappear and reappear based on range. As I get closer they disappear. As I get even closer they reappear! What unholy cursed technology is this!? But seriously is this the LOD range? It's terrible. Immersion breaking to the point where I'm on the fence to even...
  4. Ribboz

    Key Remapping

    More options and having two options per function, like many other games, would be great. I really want to remap the inventory key.
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