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  1. PekoPeko808

    2.02 Addicted to Chaos 1975 Code still BUGGED WON’T OPEN; Also Supply Drops bug locks after Quick Saves and content disappears

    You say it’s fixed. It’s not, at least on PS5. As you approach stash, you get the message Quest complete. Then you get to the door you get the Quest. But the 1975 Code won’t unlock stash door. There’s no unlocking button prompt, anything. SIMILARLY, after 2.02 if you quick save open supply...
  2. PekoPeko808

    PS4 to PS5 disc: Reward clothes DLC preorder won’t upgrade to Tier 1 Legendary Gold, many are not, some are. WTH

    The clothes inventory memory still is a mess. Upgraded PS4 to PS5 pre order DLC reward clothes should be automatic, or upgradable, to Tier. 1 Gold in PS5. There is a message saying to upgrade clothes to Epic and Legendary. But CDPR got rid of this system! You cannot! Only one shirt, Gwent...
  3. PekoPeko808

    PS5 No Easy Way Out bugged won’t open the door

    Now Easy Way Out Side Quest is still bugged. Once you defeat all the enemies the next stage doesn’t open up. I finally killed the last enemy who was not dead but unconscious. Then the goal prompt changed to Reach Damir’s Clnic with Aaron... But the door won’t open! Although it’s now a safe...
  4. PekoPeko808

    Stash/Inventory: missing items; mystery duplicates items can’t sell, Missing rewards items and can’t upgrade clothes now (playing PS4 saved game disk)

    PS5 2.0 Game playing PS4 importEd data (disc): 1) Many of my Stash/Inventory items have gone missing playing an imported PS4 file. For example Wilson’s Lexington X-Mod. But I have dozens of mysterious weapons and clothes duplicates, however, that I can transfer to Back pack, that add weight...
  5. PekoPeko808

    2.0: Sold clothes to vendors remain in Wardrobe memory, but removed from Stash/Inventory and I can’t get rid of them. Radio controls and stations

    PS5 2.0 from PS4 disk: Clothes sold to a Drop Off Kiosk or a Clothes Vendor are removed from Stash/Inventory memory, but remain in the Wardrobe memory cache. The clothes anren’t eliminated them and like ghosts, they are haunt my Wardrobe for ever. There is a problem Vendors program is not...
  6. PekoPeko808

    PS5: Defective Doors in V’s Apartment. Also 3 Controller Maps missing Slide commands and Dash commands inaccurate and confusing

    A)1. The Stash/Workshop door opening setting needs to return to touching the door not the small panel button. In PS4 version it was the entire door. The link is sporadic, sometimes not there, too small etc. It’s a real pain. 2. The Front Door no longer closes automatically but stays open all...
  7. PekoPeko808

    V’s apt. bugs: Sold clothes to a drop box, still appear in wardrobe; V’s appearance in mirror; Workshop Door and Stash buttons

    There headaches really compared to the save corruption really. 1) I sold some pants at a drop box next to Afterlife, but they kept on showing up in the wardrobe even though they were gone from my inventory stash. The wardrobe didn’t update they were sold. I had to buy them back from the box and...
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