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    Meredith Stout Expansion

    I am so surprised she is constnatly brought up ... she manhandled my V, tried to play her, I sold her out and was happy I helped the dude she drover around in her backseat ... Really, not sure what people have with here, she doesn't even look that great imho, or is in any way interesting...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    At least a vanity-cam would have been great. When I run just from A to B I really would have liked to press the button and check my V's ugliest outfit ... ^^ Same category of "Why do games still omitt such basic features in 2020???" - like hairdressing, option to redesign you characters...
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    [SPOILERS]How would you describe Cyberpunk 2077 after 100+h?

    Like an interesting consensual sexual encounter that however ends with a sudden kick in the groin, bascially making the entire fun experience suddenly something you wanna forget and move on...
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    DLC: What do you prefer? The poll. ! ENDING SPOILERS !

    Voted, knew or rather hoped to vote with the majority. Of course I was ... what else...
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    Almost gives some flashbacks to Mr. Leland Gaunt, I mean Mr. O'Dim, in a distant way ...
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    I mean ... his name ... not inspiring positivity anyway, if there is any symbolic meaning behind the character...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Played through the beginning quests twice, and twice Meredith ended in some dumpster I guess, or whatever Militech will do to her. Never cared for her, stupid yelling aggressive bitch, always glad I helped that other dude.
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Disney does not make any games, you know... Well, neither Cal Kestis nor Merril dies, or are said to die in six months due to Force Poison in their brain from D-Vader ... and I loved that another character also does NOT die, even though they for a split second tried to show me that. Of course...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    Ironically Disney surely made more people cry tears with their many movies than any grimdark piece of hopelessness...because Disney knows one thing: You do the sad and "hopeless" part midway and early, and bring on the happy ending catharsis later for the viewers, for maximum feelgood - making...
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    What games are you looking forward to?

    Hmmm... Warhammer Total War 3 for sure. Hope to see finally some news and release date this year. Baldurs Gate 3 - avoided the EA so far. Not so sure though I#ll like it, as I am not sure the devs can avoid their abysmal world building/writing style/humour that totally ruined Divinity...combat...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    At this point, I do. Would be a nice change, wouldn't it? I mean, of course modern writers for movies, TV shows and games are not brave enough for going full on happy ending, we know they all lack the balls to write something so daring, so actually innovative at this point. They instead prefer...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79% of its Players in the First Month

    Didn't even finish it after learning the possible ending(s). Nope, lost all interest. Spend quite a bit and enjoyed myself, but I prefer to spend my times with games making me feel good and encourage me to play again, testing new things etc. Before that I wanted to do a second run, full melee...
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    So they really not gonna talk to us?

    "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you." And this above is really the best advice CD Red can follow - for the time being at...
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    Serious and realistic suggestions.....

    What is needed is that the main story gets treated like V's origin story. Any future content needs to treat it like that, and have V return to Night City without the damocles-sword of incoming death looming over her head. So that any remaining gigs can be completed (Johnny is not needed, he...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    I have to say though ... his german dub voice has always fitted Keanu better than his real voice :) One of the few instances I would rather watch german with him than original, same with Arnold ... German dubbing is usually quite good ... though not necessarily in games imho, too often sounds...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    No Man's Sky ... well, that is the dream I guess? The Nightmare would be "Anthem 2.0" ... but who knows, maybe that mirage will blow us all away when re-released... With CD Red ... not sure what to hope for actually. I guess the first official messages from them this year will show us the road...
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    [Spoiler Alert] About the endings

    And we have he perfect idea for a proper DLC ... hijinks ensues!
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    [SPOILERS] End-Game And Suspicions About The First DLC

    I mean, I kinda respect that Bethesda said "to hell with whoever of us came up with this noble sacrifice idea, we are gonna nullify it! Artistic Integrity of the writers can suck it, should have written a better ending anyway! Though at least it might have us sell more DLCs, so there is that!"...
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    Mass Effect 5

    Carefully optimistic. While Mass Effect Andromeda was a great game (actually it was in many ways better, especially storywise, than ME2 and of course ME3, and people should finally come around accepting that...), it was obviously an attempt to "plant" the MilkyWay races into a new...
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    Johnny Silverhand quest is interesting. Anyone else excited about upcoming main game?

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