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    Problem with ray reconstruction

    Im getting the same issues as your first 2 videos with path tracing on and dlss 3.5 on a 4090FE, so your card is fine, its just hot the game behaves currently. They did some tweaks to pathtracing since 1.63
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    Playing with Path Tracing without DLSS causes my PC to eventually reset

    102???? I dont keep watch of hot spot temps on GPU admittedly but I've never heard of a GPU running at those temps and everything being a-ok.
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    Radio hostss stop stops talking

    I'm extremely disappointed that I've encountered this bug again. I hear there's a bug where the radio stops working. That's what I'm not encountering. The issue I have is the radio host just seem to vanish. I had this on the launch version of the game and I've gotten it again and a not even...
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    Question about HDR

    Hi, I was hoping to make a new topic about this but I see the 10 post requirement. Normally I would just wait this out but im downloading 2077 as I type this. I am starting a second playthough soon, first time really getting into the game since 1.3 I think and I was wondering if HDR has been...
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    wakako dialog not playing at intro of "Sinnerman" quest, can anyone give me a run down on what shes saying?

    Just wondering if anyone has a loose e idea of what the conversation entails. I'm trying a reload a bit before had to see if it fixes it but I'm not hopeful. For clarification, I mean when she's calling you on the phone.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    What he^ said, this is one of those things were if you don't know what it is you shouldn't even consider doing it. And frankly, you shouldn't ever have to do this for any reason ever. Only extreme tinkerers need to bother with such things. Or maybe perhaps trying to recover a FUBAR card.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    Hey so was one of the ones who was plagued with crashing issues. like lucky if I could make it 30 minutes without a crash. I was getting those unknown gpu error crashes. I did some things yesterday. I Ran windows reset and kept installed applications in an effort to repair windows. I used DDU...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

    I am so incredibly disappointed... im being plagued with crashes, I know somewhere someone said give us the circumstances of the crashing but I just cant... I will crash, do the exact same thing from a loaded save and it be fine. I don't understand, there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to the...
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