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    Cyberpunk 2077 has a memory leak issue - already when you aren't really playing yet

    This particular story started after 2.1, when I noted that Cyberpunk behaved weird at launch already (at launch the game (nearly) freezes up). Few weeks back I send an Process Monitor log to CD Projekt Red in reply to their third failure to help in diagnosing what the issue was, because I...
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    Why are tech weapons non-lethal vs cyberpsycho events? (And are other weapons also non-lethal?)

    I landed perfect headshots (thanks Apogee Sandy) and accidentally took 1 shot too many (hadn't kept track of the damage numbers well enough and nearly fumbled). To my amazement, the cyberpsycho - instead of losing their head or otherwise being killed - just went knock out. I tried it later on...
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    (Dynalar Sandevistan) Creepy laughing and sand-colored environment after full run of it?

    Anyone knows what's up with that? If you break off it early it will just behave normally, but if you let it run in full youĺl get a creepy female laugh after it and your view becomes sand-/dust-colored for a moment. Nothing in the description indicates this could happen. I do have the...
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    CP 2.0 thinks I have a controller connected

    Thing is, the option existed to select what your control input is. And I think it still does exist. But for whatever reason for quite a few players the non-existent/not-connected Xbox controller default overrides it. I've had a look at the Input/UIInput XMLs in /r6/config if there was something...
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    CP 2.0 thinks I have a controller connected

    Same here. This is the dumbest thing ever. (Ubuntu LTS) Edit: Addendum - it worked perfectly fine before 2.0. Someone has been [...] unnecessarily inventive.
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    Technically, political discussion is prohibited on those forums. But apparently when it fits Vattiers political views, it gets allowed....
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    'Also, you need to answer our extremist-political correct answers every 5 minutes'
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    Hopefully not stupid enough to jump in bed with Elon Musk or any of his products?

    Okay, saw only now the tweets in November where you tagged Elon Musk, the Cybertruck and his GF, and other related stuff. I REALLY hope you're not idiotic enough to jump in bed with Musk or any of their products? Social commentary in games is fun (as long as it isn't pushing an agenda), but...
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    TW3 expansions vs saves - do the expansions 'read out' more?

    TW3 expansions vs saves - do the expansions 'read out' more? I wonder... do/will the expansions of The Witcher 3 read out more info from saves compared to the main game? I was somewhat disappointed by the effects carried over between TW2 and TW3... Do the saves carry over more for expansions or...
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    Save import - does it use more then the simulated state?

    Save import - does it use more then the simulated state? I wonder, does importing a save change more then 'only' simulating a game state does? As far as I notice so far, there's at least no change in the amount of orens and XP at the start... does it change quests on more then only the 4 in the...
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    Game Issues Thread

    Currently I get the Matchmaking Impossible error. Not sure why.
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    Game Issues Thread

    This. Also, for some annoying reason, sometimes the game decides randomly not to allow you to use development cards when it should - both in investigation situations as well as fights. Most often it happens to Geralt, but other characters can be hit by it too. Dandelion and Yarpen too. The...
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    Patch Notes - UPDATED 28.08.2014

    Pardon me... Latest patchnotes of the last 2 patches please?
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    Got trampled, and proud of the score (of the winner, not mine)

    Got trampled, and proud of the score (of the winner, not mine) Just finished an 5-MQ game, where I got totally trampled. And I'm proud of it. Not that my score was that good (kinda abysmal for me), but the winner managed to reach an very high score, which I suspect won't be reached in another...
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    Game Issues Thread

    A few problems I encountered on the way... - The game telling the player whoms turn it is, that the previous player's turn is still going on, while the other player(s) are getting the correct notice that the first-mentioned player is on their turn - When Dandelion gets the Rivetta card, and has...
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    After +- 15 games and a couple patches - my thoughts

    After +- 15 games and a couple patches - my thoughts As the title says - I've played quite a bit of games before giving feedback. The Witcher Adventure Game, or as I short it, TWAG, is when it comes to mechanics of the base gameplay, quite a good game. Yesterday evening, after someone lost...
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    Ask us a question and get your answers at gamescom 2014!

    1) (I'm assuming the save game import possibility will still exist for TW3) What will exactly be imported between the TW2 and TW3 game when importing a save? 2) Will we hear more about the journey Ciri made after she fled the world of the Aen Elle together with Ihuarraquax? 3) Romances: will you...
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