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    Detllaff fight...

    He always oneshots me with his stupid bat ability on deathmarch. I always try to keep my distance, but sometimes he is simply to close in order properly avoid his attack. He is by far the most challeging boss, every other boss is a joke compared to him on deathmarch.
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    World Fog - Hiding the Game's True Beauty

    The vanilla lightning is horribly over saturated, I simply cant play the game without stlm anymore. But I guess we can't all share the same taste.
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    What good reshade would you recommend?

    I don't like using reshade for the witcher 3, it improves the look of one area while it makes another area look like crap. Reshade only works great on games that don't use multiple weather conditions. ---------- Updated at 07:15 PM ---------- Why does he hate stlm so much? 2.2 might be a bit...
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    [Lighting Mod] STLM 2.2

    What would we do without you, essenthy. Thanks again for your hard work.
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    [Lighting Mod] STLM 2.2

    looks great, are you using any other visual mods?
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    Roach his tail is missing

    Please cdpr, fix this for god sake.
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    STML 2.2 Nearly Finished

    Problem is reshade doesn't even work properly with steam overlay, which is a huge problem for anyone who wants to play this game with a steam controller or steam link.
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    bug: roach missing his tail

    Glad this is not a pc issue only.
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    Someone shaved Rouch's tail off.

    I wonder if CDPR has taken notice of this bug, its not really a game breaking bug ;however, I don't like looking at roach's booty hole while I am riding.
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    mod request: remove the yellow filter on Blood & Wine expansion

    Reshade doesn't even work properly without disabling steam overlay.
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    STML 2.2 Nearly Finished

    Can't wait for more of his work, STLM is a must have for me, the vanilla lightning looks too damn out of place.
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    Someone shaved Rouch's tail off.

    Am I the only one suffering from this bug?
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    Someone shaved Rouch's tail off.

    Someone shaved Rouch's tail off. ---------- Updated at 09:24 PM ---------- I am still hoping that they are going to fix this issue, its not a pleasant sight to behold.
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    mod request: remove the yellow filter on Blood & Wine expansion

    reshade doesn't appear to be usable anymore since it disables the steam overlay and without it I wont be able to use my steam controller.
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    In defense of this game's combat

    That's why I said it should cost stamina, instead of just preventing it from regenerating. To be honest, I personally rather dodge attacks, cause it makes counterattacking a lot easier.
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    In defense of this game's combat

    Rolling should cost stamina, this would force people to do dodge attacks instead.
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    In defense of this game's combat

    Still better than dark souls 3, which is basically just a rolling simulator. Thanks for ruining poise, FROM SOFTWARE.
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    How will you start Blood and Wine?

    Neither of them, I am going to start a entire new game. However, I am unsure if I should play the dlcs before the ending or after.
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    [MOD] Super Turbo Lighting Mod

    I think the mod looks good and doesnt need any changes.
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