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  1. Aetrion

    Anybody have solution to too low difficulty?

    The best thing you can do to avoid becoming totally OP too quickly is not pick up the tech tree, because stacking mods is the biggest source of totally broken stat bonuses. Also anything that gives +50% crit chance is a game breaker.
  2. Aetrion

    So What Ya Expect from That PATCH 1.2 coming this month?

    It will be another mixed bag of incremental improvements probably, on a large team full of specialists there is usually no way to efficiently go after one specific issue and completely resolve it before moving on.
  3. Aetrion

    Would you buy it again?

    If they tried to sell me a fully fixed enhanced edition for 60 bucks a year or two from now I don't think I would buy it, because at that point it would seem like I've been cheated out of the original purchase price. I'd put that squarely on the "Buy at 10 dollars on a steam sale" list, because...
  4. Aetrion

    My take on why this game failed so hard, despite how good Witcher 3 was

    The problems with this game in my opinion come down to three main issues: 1. It's extremely ambition from a technical standpoint, and they didn't get it to work exactly as they wanted. 2. The story isn't outstanding, and gets in the way of enjoying the game as an open world. 3. The RPG systems...
  5. Aetrion

    Hotfix 1.11

    Really? We're going back to having to use quicksaves to create the perfect random rolled item before picking it up instead of just not putting random rolls on unique items that make them suck 90% of the time?
  6. Aetrion

    DLC Idea: Shadowrun.

    Yea, I've always liked Shadowrun better than Cyberpunk. As silly as the premise seems, the inclusion of magic makes the struggle between nature and technology play out meaningfully in the game systems, instead of being this big philosophical question that gets tossed out the window the second...
  7. Aetrion

    [Patch 1.1 Bug] Item randomisation broken (hotfixed in patch 1.11)

    Removing the save scumming wasn't a bad idea, having unique items with random stats was a bad idea.
  8. Aetrion

    Gender-free Romance Petition

    I want NPCs to be written as people with their own preferences, not simply sexual playthings.
  9. Aetrion

    Balancing the skill tree

    The crafting perks need to be changed or moved to whatever tree the actual items being crafted reside in. The crafting for legendary quick hacks makes sense, it comes in when you have become a legendary hacker. The crafting for everything else in the game doesn't, because it makes it mandatory...
  10. Aetrion

    CDP & CDPR is Getting Sued By 13 Law Firms. Thoughts?

    Law firms constantly go looking for someone they can sue on behalf of, this doesn't mean anything.
  11. Aetrion

    [CDPR co-founder] Marcin Iwinski spoke...

    I personally don't agree, because the game is perfectly playable for me but just doesn't have any bite and doesn't end in a satisfying way. For people who can't play the game at all technical issues obviously have priority though.
  12. Aetrion

    [CDPR co-founder] Marcin Iwinski spoke...

    The biggest things for me are: 1. Fix the game balance. You get so powerful that the game gets boring if you create any kind of coherent character build. 2. Fix the endings, they just aren't satisfying. 3. Fix the various technical issues.
  13. Aetrion

    If Body is your dump stat, and you don't intend to get Gorilla Arms. Can you never get rid of the fist fighting quests?

    The fist fighting quests really suck. They are nearly impossible to do legitimately on very hard difficulty because the enemies deal stupidly huge amounts of damage, basically forcing you to not make a single mistake and get hit. It's the same as Witcher 3, the fist fights were BS on the...
  14. Aetrion

    Would You Rather See Multiplayer Or More DLC/Expansions?

    Personally I'm more excited for multiplayer because I tend to enjoy open world adventures and character building more than following a story. That said, I don't think this is really an either or kind of question. I want them to take their time with multiplayer, and getting the single player game...
  15. Aetrion

    it feels like you pretty much make no difference in this game [Spoilers]

    I like the idea of "You can't save the world, you can only save yourself" in game worlds. The problem is that you can't save yourself in Cyberpunk 2077.
  16. Aetrion

    Is Act I the Cyberpunk 2077 game we wanted?

    Yea, I enjoyed Act 1 the most out of the game. I kind of wish there was a "secret ending" where you simply wait for the lockdown to be lifted and Dex finds someone else to do the Heist.
  17. Aetrion

    You work for the police too much in this game

    I think a big part of that is that when the game was first announced the idea was that you play as a MaxTac member. I don't mind doing missions for the police, it makes sense that a lot of mercenary work would happen through bounties and such. There really aren't any missions where you're...
  18. Aetrion

    50 hours as a netrunner, just don't

    Yea, but at least when you're OP with a katana you still have some gameplay attached to killing things. When you're OP with netrunning you delete enemies like they are old files on your desktop.
  19. Aetrion

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79% of its Players in the First Month

    I mean, this is pretty expected. The story is like 30 hours long at most, and the open world portion is sabotaged by awful balance where you quickly become so powerful that the game becomes boring and getting more powerful loses its appeal. Witcher 3 just has a lot more long term playability...
  20. Aetrion

    gameplay and story do not work well together (Act 2 Spoilers)

    Uhhh, that means "This thread possibly contains spoilers for everything that happens after Act 1". Sorry, when there is a big fat warning label on the thread then people don't get to complain. You don't open up a can that says beans on it and then go "Ew, it's full of beans!".
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