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  1. Bloodartist

    Hogwarts Legacy

    I installed, played around a bit (mainly zapping few random poachers) and uninstalled. While they do good job overall, I just cant figure out how small dev group they have to spend a year on a photomode (which doesn't even work very well).. What would it take for their company to take off the...
  2. Bloodartist

    Easter eggs (spoilers)

    Nice. I guess I have missed this cause I usually just annihilate Placid's cocky ass.
  3. Bloodartist

    Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

    My recent Netrunner V has a different style than Im used to. Still struggling trying to find clothes that fit the Songbird mod..
  4. Bloodartist

    [SPOILER] - Share your screenshots - General video games

    Sifu. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. 1713459619 Hogwart's legacy 1713459797 Star wars: the old republic 1713459901 Red Dead Redemption 2 1713515834 Pathfinder: Wrath of the Lich... I mean righteous (my character)
  5. Bloodartist

    Why does the Quadra avenger have the Herrera logo on its rear rims ?

    Pretty nice find! Is it only this particular model of T66?
  6. Bloodartist

    Easter eggs (spoilers)

    In a recent interview at game developers conference, Pawel Sasko said that we haven't found all easter eggs yet after being given a list of the found ones. Specifically he mentioned that the phantom liberty phone still has codes that we haven't punched in yet...
  7. Bloodartist

    River Rework For Lesbian V

    Guess what. You have no say in what other people say. You however DO have a say in what you YOURSELF say.
  8. Bloodartist

    River Rework For Lesbian V

    You can't blame him from being interested, but I remember that you could simply say no at one point. After which its just having a beer on top of a watertank or a dinner with the family etc just be good friends. Gotta pay attention to the dialog choices, as there simply isn't much actual variety...
  9. Bloodartist

    Vampire Bloodlines 2 Thread - All We Know So Far. Chat!

    New tremere blog Heres the previous Brujah blog
  10. Bloodartist

    Final wishlist for the game in last updates

    Tone gets lost in the internet. You may think you were being snarky, but the rest of us can never be sure whether someone is serious or not. It was also completely uncalled-for response to a serious post. If there is one thing that REALLY grinds my gears is when Im being serious and someone...
  11. Bloodartist

    What CP's elements are(n't) cyberpunk-ish?

    Over the course of the game, V does achieves precisely zero things that change the world. You have an effect in the lives of some individuals but those are insignificant. V starts a nobody and ends up as a nobody. And its precisely why I can never give this game full score. The main story is...
  12. Bloodartist

    Gang street attacks

    Specifically any 'regular', non-mainstory gig? I need to test this. My current save is near the end so I dont have many gigs left. And some of those regular ones I do without raising alarms so I guess thats the reason I havent seen any. If this is the case, I understood the feature completely...
  13. Bloodartist

    Gang street attacks

    In 2.0 CDPR introduced possibility of various gangs attacking V on the streets. However, after players complained devs reduced the frequency of said attacks. Now I havent seen a single attack in a long while so I thought to ask: Whats the attack frequency now? Is it just one and done? Each...
  14. Bloodartist

    The Beast in Me: How to Purchase the Cthulu

    I believe this depends on how the quest "beast in me" final race turns out. potential spoilers about "beast in me"
  15. Bloodartist

    Vampire Bloodlines 2 Thread - All We Know So Far. Chat!

    Its all something devs have said or written in devblogs, devstreams or interviews. They recently released a Brujah clan highlight, with a very familiar looking Brujah primogen... 1709776355...
  16. Bloodartist

    The Beast in Me: How to Purchase the Cthulu

    Define "Never"? You may have to wait for several ingame days for the fixers to get ahold of you and try to sell the car...
  17. Bloodartist

    Vampire Bloodlines 2 Thread - All We Know So Far. Chat!

    VtM: Swansong yes. It was released 2 years ago on epic, and was released may 2023 in Steam when the exclusivity deal ran out. Its currently on a -70% discount on steam if you wanna go try it out. Personally it wasnt for me. Its not a bloodlines-type game, its more like a detective/puzzle game...
  18. Bloodartist

    Vampire Bloodlines 2 Thread - All We Know So Far. Chat!

    Personal opinion: It looks exactly like Bloodlines should. It may not look graphically as good as some of its competitors in modern days. Which I do not consider a detriment. I do consider a detriment if we only have access to four abilities at any given time, even if total number we can choose...
  19. Bloodartist

    The police are now the worst part of the game

    Theres probably too many police in the dingy parts of NC. Its starting to border on immersion breaking tbh. How can NC be riddled with crime if there is a beat cop every 10 meters? It would make sense for police to focus on the city center. But overall, this issue was always there (hitting...
  20. Bloodartist


    So are the devs going to fix the issue that Radio button ignores the keybind settings any time soon? I would like to set my own keybinds again. 1707826564 Tbh these kind of bugs have been present since the launch.
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