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  1. LaytonGaskins

    Getting 100% Completion

    It took me awhile to get that one. As I was doing the organized crimes I kept scanning enemies till I found one that gave me the option to detonate grenade. I killed everyone else but them and waited till they threw one.
  2. LaytonGaskins

    Getting 100% Completion

    Recently I got 100% completion in the game on PS4 (currently only 1.1% of players have the trophy) and whoa dude, it took a hot second. I'm really glad I did it though. I don't usually shot for Platinum trophies, I only do it for games that I adore. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at this...
  3. LaytonGaskins

    Humans of Night City — Big Joe

    Yeah, that's pretty cool
  4. LaytonGaskins

    Game safe to play yet? (PS4)

    I've been playing the game since launch on PS4 and here's what I have to say. I never experienced major bugs that caused me from completing the game. I'm used to frame drops and low FPS as well so any of those didn't bug me (I used to play Fallout 4 and 15fps).
  5. LaytonGaskins

    What game are you currently playing

    I'm playing Mass Effect: Andromeda right now. It's a lot better than I was expecting it to be.
  6. LaytonGaskins

    [Spoilers] Belly of the beast

    Maybe because Panam wasn't friends with Johnny and just moved on from the situation, sad about the fact that she lost a friend. I've noticed this with a lot of the credit scenes, it seems like in a lot a of the endings V/johnny cuts of contact with people or is unable to contact anyone. So it...
  7. LaytonGaskins

    Can I seriously not access the gun range outside of the one side mission?

    This is something that I was really bummed about. I really wanna test guns but I don't wanna go shoot into the air or hunt down dudes.
  8. LaytonGaskins

    3 unsolved mysteries

    I'm pretty sure the all white guys from the trailer are the Arasaka ninjas that chase you and Goro when he helps you at first. Chasing you on the motorcycles and shit.
  9. LaytonGaskins

    The piano in Nocturne OP55N1

    That's pretty funny
  10. LaytonGaskins

    Cyberpunk in numbers

    This is a really interesting look at things. I maxed out my street cred the first time during my third playthrough. I was able to do it before I started the end.
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