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    Gwent is going wrong way

    That`s how it`s supposed to be, according to the designers - they`ve said, that they want to make seasonal "power swings", to make the game "more dynamic and interesting". So, don`t complain about OP cards, just wait for next patch, for a bunch of even more OP cards, maybe next time the...
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    Why people play meta decks in training?

    Daily quests maybe ? Win X matches , etc. That`s another argument for every major CCG mechanism like blacklisting/limiting allowed card/leader/faction pool, to be implemented at least for Casual mode. Want Casual Play, but don`t want to play against NG every time ? Well - you can ban NG (or any...
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    Is Gwent MP only?

    So, better get Thronebreaker - it`s sort of mix between HoMM exploration, resources and building, RPG storyline, with fights using GWENT mechanics and cards. I really liked it.
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    Why don't we have a Monster Witcher Card?

    [...] As for the "Monsters Witcher" - well, the very Villentretenmerth likes to think about himself as a sort of "draconian witcher", fighting to save dragonkind from all threats, including humans. So, there is at least one candidate.
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    Reaver hunters & Scout

    Not enough of using of existing mechanisms to balance this out. Row-locking is first step. Second step, there should be more devotion being used, like for the Reaver : No Devotion - > dmg cooldown : 2, no armor Devotion -> dmg cooldown : 1 , 1 armor. Otherwise it`s another step for making a...
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    What decks are ST players trying in 10.10?

    Seasonal Trial by Fire Sums up current upgrades. Nilfgaard and Northern Realm are tier 0, basically like playing with auto-aim, do not deserve gg. Scoia`tael is 'meh' tier, just playing it to complete two contracts. Experience is terribly frustrating, just makes it clear, that there is no...
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    Patch Notes 10.10

    Yup. I`m smashing through new NG with my old ST Elves Spellatael. A bit of movement, bit of purify, removals, resets, and so on. Although, with all that power creep, I think that Gord cap is ridiculous now, as cheap SK Messenger of the Sea has none. Skellige remains a tutorial level faction.
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    Patch Notes 10.10

    Here we go with another ridiculous Eist. Why Sove has both Zeal and Immune and 11 power ? Why not give it something more, like "your opponent discards entire hand".
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    Tibor 10.9

    It`s the same issue like with any other unanswerable one turn mega-combos, like Eist for example. Another solution is to change Vilgefortz ability to "AT THE END OF YOUR TURN", so at least the opponent can do something - either with graveyard or with one copy of Practicioner. The other time I...
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    Patch Notes 10.9

    Elephant in the room was omitted in the hotfix - the new Tibor. The status recursion damage is a terrible bug, and if it`s a feature - it`s even worse. The status Tibor gives to enemy units should be fixed ASAP , to: "if this unit receives any DIFFERENT status". If this kind of recursive...
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    Tibor 10.9

    This should be fixed ASAP , to: "if this unit receives any DIFFERENT status". The devs are not doing any testing at all, if this kind of recursive auto-win mechanics goes through.
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    Too much highroll

    Yup. But creators admitted several times, that they prefer it that way. Being "dynamic", and "surprising". So we have Gwentstone now.
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    Is Nifgaurd supposed to have everything?

    Oh, great pseudo argument. Not even true :) Like you have to make up more realistic numbers mate. How about winrates ? How about consistency with using most of leaders equally ? There is also a design and stylistic choice - some people just prefer "Empire" over the "Rebellion", using Star Wars...
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    Is Nifgaurd supposed to have everything?

    xD And yet another pointless rant. Take a look at stats mate. Maybe it "has everything", but it`s very mediocre, maybe except locks. Have you ever played with NG then, are you at top RANKED level, if playing with NG is so easy then ? xD
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    SY buffs are asinine.

    Never played against poison this season. Most dominant decks are Skellige - either Sihill-Patricidal or other shenanigans, sometimes Renfri Second played is Scoiatael, sometimes with Renfri Third is ex-aequo Nilfgaard Renfri and Northern Realms Knights, sometimes Travelling Priestess No poison...
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    Gwent Suggestion - Year of the Nerf

    Well...that requires actual work to do, not only releasing another bunch of OP cards that will skew the balance for a moment on behalf on another leader/faction. Will Gwentstone be brave enough to do this ? As for nerfing - one has to look at general strength of each faction base bronzes, in...
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    SY buffs are asinine.

    SY poison is having rather hard time against ST or MO (pointslam, carapace) - there are just too many heavy units to remove, or puifies or veils. Salamandra finishing combo depends strongly on last play.
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    How to beat Monster Pointslam

    ...and they have audacity to complain about Mill - a simple solution to all toxicity our mildly competent developers create. ;> You forgot about that deck often uses Aerondight - with extremely toxic mechanics. I don`t get, how it does not have a power cap (max 12), as well as Melusine should...
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    CDPR is getting rid of toxic decks!

    No they`re not. They are adding more - if Aerondight, Melusine, Compass, Priestess, Highland Warrior, are legit cards, then there will always be place for Mill or Clog. No fun.
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    Patch Notes 10.5

    Yup, another lazy patch, that leaves most broken cards untouched - Compass, Priestess, Highland Warrior, etc. Because of concurring lazy and uninspiring design, I`ve decided not to buy Jaskier journey. And it seems, I will not buy anything else right now. I`m not going to support this, unless...
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