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  1. rufusthedog

    Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

    It warms my heart to see that Night City remembers Viktor Tsoi ("цой жив" graffiti).
  2. rufusthedog

    Romances: Disparity in quality and quantity

    Little by little in 2020s... That's sad af. Women are already a large percentage of players. Yes. Not enough time to develop relationships with people that V cares about, but there's always a good time for random merc jobs. :sad: And, unless you decide to choose a suicide ending, you cannot be...
  3. rufusthedog

    Things you'd like to see added to Photomode

    I'd love to see more casual poses as sitting, leaning against barriers or similar objects, interactions with npcs, etc. More expressions would also be nice. Yes, it's still useless in most of situations. :cry:
  4. rufusthedog

    Romances: Disparity in quality and quantity

    My wish can be summed up 'more time on screen for River and Kerry'. Simple as that. None of us will change what's already in the game, I'm aware of that. My issue is that we ended up with two tight-lipped men. V also becomes less forthcoming around them. All of this together seems to fulfill...
  5. rufusthedog

    Romances: Disparity in quality and quantity

    Which makes no sense for me, because we've been told that we have a few weeks top left. Then we spend at least a week of that time fulfilling Johnny's last wish(es) - Johnny who is basically a talkative parasite in V's head and should be removed as fast as possible. Oh, he definitely should be...
  6. rufusthedog

    Romances: Disparity in quality and quantity

    Late to the party and my post will probably include many other people’s opinions who spoke before me but yeah… still decided to share my thoughts with you. One less to count as ‘silent majority’ pleased with the content of this thread. Spoilers ahead, but what are you doing here before...
  7. rufusthedog

    Linki do dodatkowych przygód

    Dobra robota! O, widzę tu więcej tytułów niż na tamtej liście z 2014. Jestem jedną z tych osób, które wziął sentyment i przechodzę właśnie przygody, niektóre po raz pierwszy, tak że z nieba mi spadłeś z tą paczką, bo znalezienie np. Red Silk powoli graniczyło z cudem.
  8. rufusthedog

    Fanowski kościany poker

    Tja, był już pokazywany (co najmniej) jeden egzemplarz w fanowskiej twórczości. Też se zrobię, a co. :D Niech no się tylko moje wakacje zaczną...
  9. rufusthedog

    Motyw/theme na telefon z systemen Android

    Jeśli chodzi o Androida, to ogólnie nie ma możliwości zmiany motywu, jedynie tapetę można sobie zmienić. Nie wiem jak z najnowszą wersją systemu. Jeśli ktoś robi modyfikacje, to raczej na własną rękę. Może znajdzie się na forum ktoś zainteresowany takimi modyfikacjami :) Pozdrawiam
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